Why Did Wolverine’s Name Change From Jimmy to Logan?

Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, is one of the most loved superheroes by comic and superhero fans because of adamantium claws, regeneration, slowed aging, superhuman senses and strength, and most importantly, his bada*s attitude.

However, everything about him is still unclear because his age, origin, actual name, past, and many other details about him are all unknown to many fans.

Wolverine’s half-brother, Victor Creeds (Sabretooth), calls him James (Jimmy) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Butin later X-Men films, he goes by the name “Logan.” 

It is still unclear why Wolverine’s name changed from Jimmy to Logan to James Howlett. So, let us clear your doubts regarding changing Wolverine’s name from Jimmy to Logan in this article.

Why Did Wolverine Change His Name From Jimmy to Logan?

Historically, Wolverine’s origin was unknown, including the reason behind calling him Logan. However, the Wolverine: Origins comic explained his origin and backstory.

The comic revealed Wolverine’s past, including his birthname, James Howlett, aka Jimmy. In the comics, James Howlett was born in 1832 in Canada to John and Elizabeth Howlett. 

One day, out of rage, their gardener, Thomas Logan, kills John Howlett because he fires him from his job. Upon seeing his dead father, young Jame’s powers manifested, and he killed Thomas with his claws.

However, Thomas informs James that he is his biological father before dying. After murdering his biological father, he flees to the countryside as a fugitive and begins a new life by changing his name to Logan from James. 

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), when Wolverine participated in the Weapon X program, he lost his memory and forgot all the past incidences, but the name Logan remained in his memory. So, after X-Men Origins, Jimmy became Logan in X-Men movies. 

So, after revealing the reason behind changing Wolverine’s name from Jimmy to Logan. Let us now discuss some more queries related to Wolverine. 

How Old Was Wolverine (Logan) When He Died?

According to the standard Marvel Universe, Wolverine was born as James Howlett in 1832, and the events of Logan took place in 2029. So, according to that calculation, Wolverine (Logan) died at the age of 197 in X-Men movies. 

However, according to one storyline of comics, Wolverine was 247 years old when he died because he got resurrected after dying at the age of 197 and lived for 50 more years. 

However, some fans might argue that the Wolverine that died and was resurrected was not the same person. So, according to those fans, Wolverine lived for 197 years. 

Another theory is that Wolverine lived for 253 years before dying because in X-Men: Days of Future Past which took place in 2023, he goes into the past (1973) to change it. When he returns, everything gets changes, but he still remembers it. 

So, according to that, Logan lived till 2023 and is transported back to 1973 to prevent the creation of Sentinels. It means he lived additionally from 1973 to 2023, then died in 2029. So, he was 197 + 50 + 6 = 253 years old when he died. 

Why Was Wolverine So Weak in Logan?

Wolverine was so weak in Logan because he was aging faster than humans and slowly dying due to the adamantium in his body. The adamantium that made his bones nearly unbreakable became poisonous over time and made him much weaker in Logan, which took place in 2029. 

The adamantium bones that replaced his original bones take many years to show any harmful effects. Unfortunately, Logan lived long enough to bear the destructive consequences of adamantium, such as aging faster than humans, being unable to heal himself, and slowly dying due to the poison of adamantium. All these damaging consequences made him very weak Logan (2017)

In one of the scenes, a doctor tells Logan that something inside him is poisoning him, to which Logan responds that he knows what is poisoning him. It was evident in the movie that adamantium was poisoning him, thus eventually killing him in the end.  


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