Why Is Vision In Avengers So Weak?

Why Couldn’t Vision Put In Enough Fight In Infinity War?


At the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, Vision and Wanda got ambushed by Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight. The Vision ended up getting wounded by the Glaive of Corvus Glaive. Which made him unable to Phase as he tells Wanda, “The Blade…it’s stopping me from phasing.”


How was the Glaive Able To Enter Vision’s Vibranium Body?


Vibranium (aka Isipho) crash-landed as a meteorite on Wakanda(Africa). It made Wakanda, technologically the most advanced country. In 1943, Howard Stark on discovering the metal turned it into Captain America’s almost shatterproof shield. This was only the beginning of the tale of the indestructibility of Vibranium that we were told. Then, How can ‘The Children of Thanos’ come and stab Vision’s Vibranium body with just a staff?! 

Before we drown in the pool of confusions we must know a few things about our weapon of crime, The Glaive:

  • We don’t know about the Glaive’s metal but it was known to pierce through any object. Vibranium was incomparably the strongest metal on Earth. But, We also know that MCU deals with multiple galaxies. Thus, there is a possibility that there might be a stronger metal on other planets and Glaive’s metal was simply the stronger one.
  • The Glaive even deflected the blast coming from the Infinity Mind Stone that Vision directed towards CG. It even broke Proxima midnight’s spear into two.
  • We can roughly guess that the molecular structure of the Glaive was different from that of Vision. This made Vision unable to vibrate in the same manner as the Glaive’s molecules, stopping him from phasing through objects. 


How Did Thanos Easily Break Vibranium?


Thanos pulled the Infinity mind stone out of Vision’s forehead with just his fingers as if it was not Vibranium. It was more like he was pulling candy beans out from a cake.

Well, this has broadly two reasons:

Firstly, Vision’s whole body wasn’t just Vibranium. In the movie ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Ultron made it serve as his ‘Organic Body’ with artificial muscles developed by the geneticist Dr. Helen Cho. Therefore, only the outermost layer of Vision’s body was of Vibranium.

Secondly, Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. He carried the Infinity Gauntlet as if it were a hand glove. He also had other infinity stones with him that added to his power.

Thus, the narrators created an incredibly powerful villain to crush Vision who was already wounded and weak. After all, nothing works when things are meant to be doomed, not even Vibranium.   


Did Vision Not Explore Powers of The Mind Stone?


The Vision had the powers of an infinity stone as The mighty Thor lauded that, “It’s the Mind Stone of the Six Infinity Stones, the greatest power in the universe; unparalleled in its destructive capabilities.” then how can a staff overpower him? I believe it had much to do with his mental block:

  •  Bruce Banner told him that Vision has the piece of brains of himself, Tony Stark, and Ultron. All of them struggled to figure out their weaknesses, the reason behind their powers and existence.
  • The Vision was constantly questioning the reason for his existence and powers. He was giving up on the powers of the stone and wanted to be normal. His self-doubting nature was reflected right after his birth when he said, “Maybe I am a monster, I don’t think I’d know if I were one and not what you are and not what you intended.” 
  • He was a little inexperienced too. After all, he was only three years old.
  •  He didn’t explore\use the powers of the Mind Stone as they were intended. The Vision mainly used them for altering his identity or channeling it into a single beam. Unlike Wanda, who derives her powers from the same stone. She had the abilities of telekinesis, energy manipulation, and some form of neuroelectronic interfacing that helps her to read thoughts and also give her targets waking nightmares.


Plot Kryptonite


What would the movie be like if Vision wasn’t weak? Honestly, it would be like having a sweet dish that isn’t sweet. The heroes become heroes when their acts are justified. Let’s see how the story would have gone if, Thanos was defeated in Infinity War:

  • A bad guy, Thanos would be introduced with his saga of being bad.
  • The good guys come together after resolving some conflicts among them and win over the bad guy.
  • The end.

If this happened, many of us would’ve sympathized with Thanos who had his idea of saving the universe. And the audience might even not figure out what was so villainous about him.


How Vision Could’ve Stopped Thanos From Snapping Fingers?


Thanos had all the other Infinity Stones but mind stone. So, there was a possibility of the Avengers turning victorious. Because The Soul Stone would not work on Vision who is a Synthezoid. The Vision would’ve controlled the mind of Thanos before he could use the Time Stone or snap his fingers. Thus, it was important to make Vision weak from the plot’s point of view.


Plot Requirement


The plot developers made Vision weak to bring forward the horror of what if half of the world vanished. They turned the sympathy of the audience in the Avengers’ favor as the fans saw their heroes turning to ashes (literally turning to ashes). The Infinity war also developed enough suspense and emotional turmoil for the next movie.


Was Vision Useless?



No, Vision wasn’t useless in any of the Avenger movies. He might’ve seemed weak and inexperienced in places but, his character carried the same importance. Like Banner, who was not able to turn into Hulk but was important. 

  •  The Avengers, after much conflict, gave life to The Vision as a last resort to counter Thanos. Later, in the fight against Ultron, he proved them right.
  • Vision was an important character in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ too. He defeated The Corvus Glaive in his fight in Wakanda. He was the one carrying the Infinity Mind Stone and the other Avengers were fighting to keep him safe. Even from the plot’s point of view, His role had enough importance.
  • The Vision was also important in the sense that his death made Wanda more powerful. Later, she created “the Hex” in which she made Vision with his separate mind and their children.

In the end, we still can’t deny that we could’ve seen Vision growing and exploring more of his powers. Now, our hopes rest with The White Vision from ‘Wanda-Vision’ created by the S.W.O.R.D. and now has the memories of the real Vision.    




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