Why Does Drax Call Anulax Batteries As Harbulary Batteries?

Drax: [Looking at Batteries]: What are they called again?

Peter Quill: Anulax batteries.

Drax: Harbulary batteries.

Peter Quill: That’s nothing like what I just said.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie released in 2014 became an instant and surprise hit among superhero fans because of its humor, memorable villains, enjoyable storyline, and relatable characters. The film has everything, a funny and little emotional storyline, well-developed character arcs, and most importantly, Guardians, a team of quirky and outlandish characters like a talking raccoon, a talking tree, the funny and charming male protagonist, and dumb but confident Drax the destroyer. Together, these elements make it a funny and most beloved movie of fans from the MCU.

In the sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket steals some shiny batteries called Anulax batteries. But Drax calls them Harbulary Batteries. The question among fans is Why Drax calls them Harbulary Batteries? So, here is the explanation of the above query. 

What Are Harbulary Batteries?

First, let us make it clear, Drax is wrong. There is no such thing as Harbulary Batteries, the correct name of batteries is Anulax Batteries. These batteries are the primary power source of the planet Sovereign and its people. These batteries are shiny and yellow in appearance. They are highly combustible and very expensive. The worth of a single Anulax battery is approximately 2500 units in the black market. Being very valuable, they are often the pricey item to be stolen by thieves. 

Now we saw that batteries are called Anulax Batteries. So, is Harbulary even a word?

Is Harbulary Even a Word?

No, there is no such word as Harbulary. It is just the mispronunciation of the Anulax batteries used by Drax because he thinks Harbulary is the correct name of the batteries. 

But why does Drax call them Harbulary batteries instead of Anulax batteries?

Why Does Drax Continue to Mispronounce Anulax Batteries as Harbulary?

Drax continues to call them Harbulary batteries because he overestimates himself a lot. He overvalues his significant strength and considers himself invisible because he can stand still for a long time. It might be possible that he thinks of himself as more competent than Peter Quill and thinks Quill is a fool who calls Harbulary batteries as Anulax batteries.  

Another reason could be that he is probably too dumb to accept his mistake. He is one of those people who, no matter how much you correct them, the wrong information will stick in their minds. He genuinely thinks that Harbulary is the right word, and moments after Quill corrects him, he still calls them Harbulary batteries. 

Now we know What are Anulax batteries? And Why does Drax call them Harbulary batteries? But, one question that persists unanswered is; Why did Rocket steal the batteries?

Why Did Rocket Steal the Batteries?

“You know why I did it, Star-Munch? I did it because I wanted to!” -Rocket to Star-Lord. 

In the above conversation, Rocket admits that he stole those batteries because he could, and he desired to do so. He stole them because those batteries were shiny, high-tech, and pretty expensive. Another reason might be possible that Sovereign did not pay Guardians enough for the job of protecting the batteries, so Rocket stole them to generate extra income. 

Another possible reason could be that Rocket is a cybernetically enriched raccoon. There is a belief that raccoons are well known for robbing shiny items, and Anulax batteries are shiny, and they are expensive too, so those batteries were the perfect item for Rocket to steal. Being a raccoon, Rocket could not stop himself from stealing those shiny batteries, and maybe, Peter Quill was unaware of these habits of raccoons. 

These batteries played a significant part in the movie, but why are they important?

Why Are the Batteries So Important in Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Anulax Batteries are a powerful source of energy. They are responsible for the power source of the Sovereign planet and its race. The third act of the movie reveals how much power they possess. When Guardians fought with Ego the Living Planet, the batteries helped generate an explosion more than significant enough to obliterate Ego the Living Planet. 

These batteries were very significant for Nebula too. She attempted to steal those batteries to kill her sister, Gamora, before torturing and killing her father Thanos. But Nebula got caught and was imprisoned for stealing the batteries by the Sovereign. Her attempt to steal the batteries shows how significant these batteries are in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy

Here is all the information we could gather on Anulax Batteries, not Harbulary Batteries, as Drax calls them. Hopefully, we were able to clear your doubts.


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