Why Do Some of My Friends Have Yellow Names, and How Do I Get Them in Steam?

If you are a Steam user, you may have noticed that some of your friends have a yellow name in your friends’ list. Their yellow names may have 

left you wondering why some friends have a yellow name and how you can get it for yourself. 

Worry not and go nowhere because this article will explore the reasons behind this color coding and how to obtain a yellow name for your Steam profile.

Steam Yellow Names: What Are They & How to Get Them?

Here are some possible reasons why some of your friends have the yellow name on their steam profiles:

Some people have the yellow name on their steam profile due to Lunar New Year Rewards.  One of the Lunar New Year rewards introduced a Lunar New Year steam sale, which allowed steam users to turn their steam profile golden or yellow for a limited time. 

They could purchase the gold or yellow color names during the sale and use them for approximately three months. Users with gold profiles also have their names displayed in gold or yellow, and their profile avatar acquires a gold border around it.

However, the yellow color name on the steam profile comes with a cost. The players may have to spend or might have spent 1,000 tokens to get the yellow name for one month. 

Some gamers and experts claim that you require no minimum level or badge to change your steam name to yellow. A regular user can claim the offer with the required tokens or may spend a few dollars to earn the tokens.

Another method to get the yellow steam profile is by following these steps:

  • Download and install the latest version of node js from the official website.
  • Then, extract the steam yellow zip file from this link and extract the zip folder and files.
  • Now, open the extracted steam yellow folder, then open the command prompt, type the CD location of the steam yellow master folder, and press enter.
  • Type NPM install in the command prompt. Now, type node index.js steam name (your steam username) password (your steam password) and press enter.
  • Now, if you go to your steam profile, your profile name will appear in yellow color, and your avatar will get a yellow or golden border around it.

In conclusion, you can wait for a sale or offer similar to the Lunar New Year steam sale that would allow you to change your steam profile name to yellow or golden. 

Or, you can follow the above procedure to turn your steam profile name to yellow or golden anytime.

Let us now discuss some more queries related to other colored steam names and steam profiles.

How Do You Get Colored Names on Steam?

Here are a few steps to get colored names on Steam:

  1. First, open your steam account, then click on the top right corner to open the drop-down menu, and click on the view my profile option from the menu to open your steam profile window.
  1. Now, click the edit profile option, put the hex color code of your desired color without the pound (#) sign in the brackets [] before your profile name, and click the save button to get a colored name on Steam. For example, if you want pink color, put [df62f0] ScaryScar (your profile name).

How Do You Get a Steam Nickname?

These are a few steps to change your name or put a nickname on Steam:

Step 1: Open your steam profile.

Step 2: Click the edit profile button, and input your new, preferred profile name or nickname in the Profile Name field.

Step 3: Now, click the Save button to get a new Steam nickname.