Why Can’t The Amazing Spider Man Shoot Organic Webs?

Why Can’t The Amazing Spider Man Shoot Organic Webs?

Why can’t Spider-Man shoot his own webs in Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)? Since Sam Raimi’s Spiderman could shoot organic webs in the Spider-Man (2002), this question has been bothering Spidey fans. If the same question pops up in your mind, here is a guide for you.


Why Does The Amazing Spider-Man Not Have The Natural Ability To Shoot Webs?


The Amazing Spider-Man cannot shoot organic webs because the spider bite gave him all the powers of a spider but did not grant him the ability to spin natural webs. In the comics, when Peter is bit by the radioactive spider, he gets all his powers – super-strength, agility, the ability to climb or crawl on any surface, and most famously his spider-sense. But, still, he is unable to produce and shoot organic webs, so he creates his web fluid and mechanical web-shooter to be more like a spider and justify his name.


The above theory explains why Director Marc Webb decided to reintroduce the mechanical web-shooter to the Amazing Spider-Man series. He met and discussed with Stan Lee, after which both of them decided to create the movie more comic accurate. Originally Stan Lee wanted Peter to have a web-shooter to make him more grounded and vulnerable to risks of running out of the web and also to highlight the genius intellect and scientific engineering abilities of Peter Parker.


So, now we have read why Amazing Spider-Man uses a web-shooter, now let us explore, What it is and How does it work?


What Is A Mechanical Web-Shooter, And How Does It Work?


Image: ©Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment


A mechanical web-shooter is a twin device that Spidey wears on his wrist beneath his suit. It can shoot thin strands of special web fluid. The web-shooter has a spinneret mechanism made out of a Teflon block and employs steel nipples to help Spidey shoot the web fluids as per his need.


The special web fluid is a shear-thinning liquid whose formula is unknown and is somewhat similar to nylon which forms an extremely tough, flexible fiber with adhesive properties when it comes in contact with air. 


When the fluid exits the spinneret holes, it forms complex shapes. The spinneret holes have three sets of modifiable, staggered openings around the turbine, which spread the incredibly strong and complex spreading spray, and a tremendously thick and adhesive liquid. The strength of the web has been calculated to be 120 pounds/square mm. The pressure of 300 p.s.i. in each cartridge forms a stream of complex web patterns of around 60 feet. 


So now we have seen what a web-shooter is? And we know how cool and handy that is. Now let us move to other crucial questions.


Why Did Sam Raimi Skip Web-Shooters In Spider-Man (2002)?


Originally James Cameron was supposed to direct the 2002 Spider-Man. He even worked on it for some time and created a few drafts but left it to create one of the most iconic films of all time, Titanic. It was his idea to give Peter organic web-shooters for a few reasons-

  • The radioactive spider bit Peter on his hand and stayed there for the longest time compared to the other two Parkers. So this could be the reason why he could shoot webs from his hand.
  • Probably Raimi wanted to make the story more realistic by giving Peter all the abilities of the Spider, including spinning organic webs just like the other powers he got from the spider bite.
  • Another reason could be that a high school student does not have the resources and money to create his web fluid and mechanical web shooter, given that financial struggle is a recurring theme in Spider-Man’s stories. So it could be an unnecessary expense for Peter Parker.


Stan Lee liked the mechanical web-shooter because it made Peter more vulnerable, as he could run out of the web anytime, and then he had to rely on his intelligence to tackle the situation. Spider-Man has faced this situation many times in comics and movies. So how did he deal with such situations?


When Did Spiderman Run Out Of Web And How Did He Deal With The Situation?


Stan Lee succeeded in portraying the vulnerability of Spiderman as he ran out of the web during critical moments and in between battles. 

It surely made Peter more grounded. Here are some instances of Spidey running out of his webbing: 


Amazing Spider-Man Comic Issue #23 


Peter first ran out of web fluid in Amazing Spider-Man issue #23 where he ran out of web before jumping into the air and fell towards the ground quite painfully but survived because he is the superhero and then the surprising green goblin remarked-

“This spider-man has more lives than a cat.”


Then in another issue, Spider-Man could not find a place to strangle his webs to swing. But after some time, Peter finally developed a warning notification system, which warned him about his low web fluid so that he never ran out of his web.


In The 2004 Movie Spider-Man 2 


In 2004 Spider-Man 2, we saw Peter running out of the web, but this was not the issue of him running out of the webbing. It was primarily because of two reasons-

  • It was his self-doubt in his powers that caused a form of self-sabotage. Peter was in doubt whether he was worthy enough to become Spider-man or not. 
  • Moreover, he was depressed because of being alone.


In The Movie, Far from Home


We witnessed Peter actually run out of the web for the first time in Spider-Man: Far From Home during his battle with Mysterio and his attacking drones. It happened because he forgot to add web shooter refills on his new suit. He then used his intelligence to create a weapon from the drone to destroy all the drones attacking him and the city and eventually defeated Mysterio.


Which One Makes More Sense, Organic Web Or Mechanical Web-Shooters?


Well, it’s a debatable topic among fans, but both versions of web-shooters have their pros and cons. First, let us see why Organic web-shooters makes sense:


Organic web-shooters make sense, given that he gets all the powers of a spider, so he also should have the ability to produce his web naturally without the help of a web-shooter, which makes him more spider-like and depicts why he is named Spider-Man. Also, it is tough for Peter to make web fluid and shooter because it requires money, resources, and material, all of which were far beyond his reach. 

Image: ©Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment

One major advantage of using the Organic web-shooter is that he never runs out of the web because it comes out of him naturally like a spider, unlike the mechanical web-shooter, which could run out of the web at critical moments.


Organic web-shooters are more easily to hide because they are just a few spores on hand, which is not easily noticeable. But mechanical web-shooters are sizable and cover the hand and palm. So, Peter needs to wear a jacket or a full T to make it unnoticeable.


Another unbreakable advantage is that an Organic web-shooter cannot be broken just like its counterpart mechanical web-shooter, which could break and become useless unless repaired.


So, folks, we have seen how handy and powerful organic web-shooters are. So, why do some fans prefer the mechanical one? Well, here lies the answer:


Peter Parker used his scientific and mechanical geniuses to create his Mechanical web shooter and web-fluid to shoot webs as per his need and will. It shows the smartness of Peter, how genius he truly was


But what are the pros of Mechanical web-shooting that make it more likable by some comic fans?


Mechanical web-shooters make Peter Parker more grounded and vulnerable because it could result in him running out of the web anytime. In such a case, Peter had to employ his intellect and presence of mind to deal with the situation, making it adventurous for the fans.

Image: ©Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment

In Spider-Man 2, we see how Peter’s inner dilemma, self-doubt, and depression deteriorate his powers and web-shooting ability. But mechanical web-shooters do not work on emotions. 


Upgradation is one of the key advantages of a Mechanical web-shooter. Peter can upgrade it to shoot webs faster, shoot many webs simultaneously and hold more objects with few changes as per his need.


So, fans, we hope we have answered all your questions about organic and mechanical web-shooters and why both appeared in different versions of the Spider-Man films. Now it is for you to decide which one is better.




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