Why Does Bane’s Henchman Sacrifice Himself?

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises, released in 2012, is considered the tenth greatest film of all time according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) users and comic fans.

The opening sequence of Dark Knight Rises is one of the most remarkable action sequences ever due to Bane’s cunning escape from a collapsing plane without leaving a single survivor behind.

However, the scene confused many viewers, and some still speculate the reason behind sacrificing his henchman. Hence, fans need not worry since this article will discuss why Bane relinquished his henchman and will also answer other related queries.

Why Does Bane’s Henchman Sacrifice Himself in the Dark Knight Rises (2012)?

One henchman of Bane sacrifices himself in the plane crash because the CIA guy on the plane says that only one person should have been on the plane with him, and Dr Pavel.

Therefore, after killing the CIA guy and his team and airlifting Dr Pavel, he asks his henchman to stay because the Intelligence expects one of them in the wreckage along with the CIA guy and Dr Pavel.

He also transfused the doctor’s blood into the dead guy because he wanted the Intelligence and investigators to believe that the CIA guy, one person, and Dr Pavel died in the accidental plane crash. He did this to kidnap Dr Pavel and convince the world that the doctor had perished in the plane crash.

It might be possible that initially, Bane had no plan of sacrificing his henchman. So, when the CIA guy informed Bane that he and the Intelligence agency only expected one person except him and Dr Pavel, he asked one of his men to stay behind and become the deceased person with the Intelligence guy and Dr Pavel to mask the evidence of kidnapping and intentional plane crash.

The makers wanted to show the henchman’s loyalty and determination towards Bane. Bane’s henchmen blindly follow his orders and are always willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause. His cause is to wipe Gotham clean by removing corruption from the city.

When Bane got control over the League of Shadows and its members, he picked and trained skilled zealots to fight for equality and the rights of poor people. Bane also prepared them to aid him in bringing down Gotham’s rich and corrupt people by taking over the city.

After explaining the reason behind Bane’s henchman sacrificing himself, let us now answer some other queries related to the plane crash and Bane. 

Why Doesn’t Bane Kidnap Dr Pavel Before Take-off in the Dark Knight Rises?

Dr Pavel, a Russian nuclear scientist, was capable enough to turn a nuclear energy source into a destructive time bomb that could wipe out an entire city, which he did to wipe Gotham when Bane forced him to do so. 

So, American Military took him captive to prevent him from doing so, willingly or unwillingly. Bane kidnapped Dr Pavel by crashing the plane and making everyone believe that he died in the plane crash because if he had abducted him, American security agencies would look for him everywhere to save the city. 

As a result, Bane transferred Dr Pavel’s blood into a dead body and crashed the plane without survivors. American security agencies would stop seeking Dr Pavel after confirming his demise with a blood/DNA test.

Why Does Bane Say, “The Fire Rises”?

When Bane is about to leave the plane with Dr Pavel, his henchman asks, have we started the fire? In answer, Bane replies, yes, the fire rises. Bane refers to fire rises as a metaphor for destruction, struggle, and conflict. 

Fire rises mean the fight they have yearned for is on its way and will cleanse Gotham city by destroying it. It means the cleansing of Gotham continues. 

It echoes what Ra’s al Ghul said to Bruce in Batman Begins. According to him, when a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable to wipe it clean and rebuild it. 

So, Bane, being a member of Ra’s al Ghul, has the same ideology that Gotham has grown too wild and become very corrupt. So, Bane refers to fire as a cure to destroy Gotham and rebuild it free from corruption and also apprises his men that fire rises mean their mission has begun.