Who Is Toph’s Husband In Avatar?

Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender is undoubtedly the strongest Earthbender in the Avatar series. Despite being blind since birth, she learned to use Earthbending as an extension of her senses to attain the ability to see. She could see everything by absorbing every vibration which goes through the ground. She also won many underground Earthbending tournaments using the alias of The Blind Bandit. 

After the foundation and formation of the Republic City, Toph became the first Chief of Police and formed the Metalbending Police Force to maintain law and order in the city. She gave birth to two daughters, Lin and Suyin, but the story never specifically specifies who her daughters’ father is.

In this article, we will try our best to answer all your questions about Toph’s husband, the father of her daughters, and other related queries related to The Avatar series. 

Whom Did Toph Marry?

We are not sure who could be Toph’s husband because the makers have never explicitly mentioned his name.

However, the makers revealed that Kanto is Lin’s father in season 4, but they never disclosed Suyin’s father. We may deduce that Sokka is Suyin’s father based on a few fan theories and shreds of evidence from the show. Let us explore it in detail.

The Avatar show and comics have never shown the husband of Toph, but in Season 4, Episode 10: Operation Beifong, the makers reveal the name of Lin Beifong’s father and probably the first husband of Toph. In one of the scenes, when Bolin, Opal, Toph, and Lin are enjoying a bonfire dinner, Bolin confusingly questions about Lin’s father, to which Toph replies there was a guy named Kanto (Kahn-Toe), a lovely man, but things did not work out between them, so she left him.

Bolin: So, here’s something I have always been curious about! Who’s Lin’s dad?

Toph: He was a guy named Kanto. Nice man, but it did not really work out between us.

Bolin: Aaaaaaand… okay!

And that is it. Nothing more is mentioned or informed about Toph’s husband or Lin’s father in the Avatar show and the comics. Suyin is Lin’s half-sister, and her father is not Kanto. So who is the father of Suyin?

Who Is the Father of Suyin Beifong?

In 126 AG, Toph gave birth to her second daughter, Suyin, half-sister of Lin. It might be possible that after terminating her relationship with Kanto, she may have married or got into a relationship with another man, the father of Suyin Beifong. Although Toph has mentioned Lin’s father being Kanto, she has never revealed the father of Suyin. It is also possible that she may have more than one husband/lover. 

The makers have never disclosed Suyin’s father in the Avatar show and comics. The father of Suyin Beifong is still a mystery, and many fans have theories that Sokka could be the father of Suyin. Let us explore more about it.

Is Sokka the Father of Suyin?

Many fans assume Sokka could be Suyin’s father based on some similarities between the two. Lin’s skin tone is pale like her mother’s, but Suyin has tan skin similar to the water tribe people, like Sokka. Suyin’s kids (especially Baatar Jr. and Huan) look identical to Sokka if we compare their images side-by-side. Other similarities between the two are: the facial expressions of Suyin and Sokka are similar if we observe them closely, she is a brilliant strategist like Sokka, and she is snarky like Sokka used to be in his younger days.

Although the makers have never hinted at or given the name of Suyin’s father, these theories are very close and could conclusively prove that Sokka is the father of Suyin. Netflix suggested in one of their tweets that Sokka might be Suyin’s father, then stated in another tweet that it’s an unconfirmed theory. So now we have to wait for the makers of Avatar to either confirm this theory or reveal the name of Suyin’s father. 

We are not sure if Sokka is the father of Suyin or not, but did he ever get married? If so, whom did Sokka marry?

Whom Did Sokka Marry?

Sokka might have married Suki after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He had a romantic relationship with Suki during the first season of the Avatar series. Towards the end, they became a couple and might have gotten married before the events of the second season, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. 

Did Sokka and Suki ever have children?

The makers have never distinctly mentioned anything about the children of Sokka and Suki in the Avatar show and comics. Some fans theorized that they both died before they could have any kids, while some believe they had two kids: Tonraq and Unaloq. Both the theories could be right or wrong because there is no official source related to Sokka and Suki’s marriage and kids. These are just theories assumed by Avatar fans based on a few facts shown in the series and the comics. 

What Happened to Sokka After the Events of The Last Airbender?

After assisting Aang in defeating the Fire Nation and stopping the Hundred Year War, Sokka returned to Southern Water Tribe. A few years later, he became the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe in the Republic City and served for the United Republic Council. Sokka lived for approximately 80 years and died a natural death due to old age before the events of Legends of Korra took place in 170 AG. 

That is about it, fans. It is important to remember that some of these answers rely on fan theories and predictions, as the makers ended the show abruptly without clarifying many things.


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