Who is Simon Jacques as referred to in Shadowhunters S3E1?

Season 3 of the supernatural series Shadowhunters started with On Infernal Grounds, the first episode of Season 3. One of the things which left the fans wondering was Simon Jacques, the person in whose memory an intertitle was displayed in the closing seconds of the first episode. There is a lack of information about Simon Jacques as much as Shadowhunters fans want to know about him. 

In this article, I have tried to compile the insights I collected about Simon Jacques from various sources. 

Who Is Simon Jacques As Referred To In Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 1?

Here you can find all the information you need about Simon Jacques, from his birthplace and education to his profession and personal life.

Simon Jacques Early Life And Education

Simon Jacques was a Montreal-based VFX (Visual Effects) artist who worked in 3D and post-production. According to the information provided by one of his schoolmates, Simon Jacques was born and brought up in Montreal, Canada, and studied to become a VFX artist. He went to ATM of Cégep de Jonquière to study post-production. Simon Jacques was among the most talented and persevering students at the school. 

Simon Jacques Projects And Personal Life

After graduating, he worked as a VFX artist and digital composer for various studios in Montreal and lived there for some time. Later, he went on to contribute to several notable projects, including Outcast (2014), Versailles (2015), Assassin’s Creed (2016), Race (2016), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), Blue Moon (2016), Fallen (2016),  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016), Allied (2016), Fallen (2016), The Shack (2017) and Ghost in the Shell (2017).

Not much is known about Simon Jacques’ personal life, like his age, marital status, and social media handles. Several sources confirm that Simon Jacques was not married, but we are not sure whether he was in a relationship or not before his death. 

Simon Jacques: First Credit 

Simon Jacques got his first credit for his spectacular work of creating the visual effects for Versailles, a French historical fiction drama Canal+ TV series set during the construction of the Palace of Versailles during the sovereignty of King Louis XIV. It got premiered in 2015 and had three seasons consisting of thirty episodes. 

Simon Jacques Death

Simon Jacques died in the summer of 2017, but the cause of his death has not been disclosed anywhere. Even if it is known, it would be disrespectful to Jacques’ family to put it out on the internet. It is also the reason why I will not be adding his picture in this blog post.

Why was Simon Jacques Referred To In Shadowhunters S3E1?

This question is the primary reason you chose to read this article and learn more about why the makers of Shadowhunters decided to insert a title card in the memory of Simon Jacques.

The title card displayed at the end of Episode 1 of Season 3 points to a connection between him and the series. Making an action and supernatural show like Shadowhunters requires a lot of work off-camera as well, especially in terms of visual effects skills, one of the most complicated and skill-intensive jobs. The VFX team works for long hours to ensure perfection in every scene and deserves credit and appreciation.

Simon was a part of the VFX team, and this is most likely the reason why the creators decided to honor his work by displaying a title card in his memory at the end of S3E1. It was a thoughtful gesture by the creators to conclude an episode to honor Simon for his contributions to the series. It also reminds us that Simon’s memory never fades among the Shadowhunters community, and his contributions are forever remembered.

There is a wide range of misinformation on the web about Simon Jacques. On several platforms, he is erroneously described as Simon Lewis, a character in Shadowhunters.

Simon Lewis: The Character

Simon Lewis, born as Simon Lovelace, is the best friend of Clary Fairchild in Shadwohunters. Initially, he was mundane (a regular human), but later turned into a vampire and then became a Daylighter when he drank the blood of Jace Herondale in the winter finale of the series. 

He is also a hero of the Mortal and Dark wars. In a series of unfateful events, Azazel (greater demon) takes Simon’s immortality and memories in Season 3, Episode 11: Lost Souls, based on the fifth book, City of Lost Souls. Then, to regain his memories and become a Shadowhunter, Simon joins the Shadowhunters academy. Gradually his memories start coming back. Afterward, he follows the Ascension process by drinking from the Mortal Cup to become a Shadowhunter in the finale of season 2. 


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