Who Is Gon’s Real Mother In Hunter X Hunter?

Gon Freecss is the protagonist of the all-famous Shonen manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter. As much as Hunter X Hunter enthusiasts love to boast about Gon’s abilities, many still have no idea who the biological mother of Gon Freecss is. Gon Freecss’ mother is one of the biggest mysteries in the series Hunter X Hunter and nothing specific is revealed about her identity. The entire idea of Gon’s mother being kept as a secret makes us wonder even more who she could be and if she could play a role in the series. Since the viewers were cut off on the true identity of Gon’s mother, I decided to dive deeper into this and explore a little more about who the biological mother of Gon Freecss could be. 

Who Are Gon’s Parents?

Ging Freecss

When Gon was a child, Mito told him that both of his parents were dead. However, he later found out that his father was Ging Freecss, the mysterious Double Star Ruins Hunter is his father. When Ging was asked about Gon’s mother, he said that the two broke up and that his mother later died in an accident when Gon was a baby. At the start of Greed Island Arc, Gon got a tape from his dad, Ging explaining why he did not want to see him. At the end of the tape, when Ging started to talk about Gon’s mother, Gon stopped the tape and decided not to listen to it. I feel that Gon skipped the tape even when he had the chance to know the identity of his biological mother because he considered Mito Freecss (his aunt and his foster mother) as his true mother as she was the one who brought him up. 

Who Was Gon’s Biological Mother?

Looking at Gon’s character, we have to acknowledge that he was not born on Whale Island and that his birthplace is unknown. Ging brought him to Whale Island when he was an infant, and Gon ended up being raised by Mito and later took the hunter exams. That we are never clearly told about Gon’s origins, specifically when it comes to his biological mother, it is quite difficult to determine her identity. Nevertheless, here are some theories and facts that might help piece together her origins.

Gon’s Biological Mother Was From The Dark Continent

Gon’s mother could be from the Dark Continent because we know that Ging kept her identity a secret for the longest time. The only time Ging was going to reveal it to Gon was once he became strong, physically and mentally. It is strong evidence of Gon’s biological mother being from the Dark Continent as probably his mother was someone crazy strong and adventurous. Going by this theory, Alicia Freecss could be Gon Freecss’ biological mother. Alicia was a hunter who traveled the Dark Continent and died while exploring it. She met Ging shortly after Ging became a hunter and together headed on many wonderful adventures, including slaying a giant thing. Ging and Alicia had Gon while they were on the Dark Continent. After Gon was born, she and Ging probably decided to leave him at Mito and travel to the Dark Continent. Unfortunately, during one unspecified incident, Alicia tragically died. 

Going by this theory, whether or not Gon’s mom was Alicia, Gon was born in the Dark Continent. It is the reason why Ging brought him to Whale Island to avoid the dangers that a place like the Dark Continent poses to a child.

Ging Used The Pregnancy Stone To Have Gon

The Pregnancy Stone

A more popular theory is that Ging could have used the card “pregnancy stone” from the game. There is a Green Island card that exists in both manga and anime called the Pregnancy Stone. Ging could have used the card “pregnancy stone” from the game. That card allows a person to become pregnant irrespective of sex and have a baby within a month. How that will happen is largely unknown. Likely, Ging reached a level of Nen skill that allows him to create life. This theory helps explain Gon’s missing mother and his Nen affinity.

I hope these two theories help you choose your side if at all it has to be done. 


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