Which chapter of the manga does Season 2 of One Punch Man anime end in?

One Punch Man is one of the best parodies of the shonen genre ever created and is one of the fan’s favorite anime because of its likable characters, witty and profound storyline, and incredible animation.

When season two was released, many fans wondered which chapter of the manga the Season 2 of One Punch Man anime ended in?

If you are also wondering the same, go nowhere since this article will discuss the answer to which chapter of the manga Season 2 of One Punch Man anime end. 

Where Did the One Punch Man Season 2 Anime End in the Manga?

Season 2 of One Punch man anime has adapted chapters 38 to 84 of the One Punch Man manga. The anime covers the Hero Association arc, considered the manga’s major arc. 

The arc revolves around the Hero Association (a group of superheroes) that protect the world from monsters and villains. 

The last episode, Episode 24 of One Punch Man anime, ended in Chapters 83-84 (Volume 16) of the One Punch Man manga. 

So, if you are looking forward to reading the manga after finishing season 2 of One Punch Man or want to pick up where the anime ended, we recommend you to start reading these chapters (Chapters 83-84) or proceed reading the following chapters, Chapter 85 and beyond. 

If you want to read the One Punch Man webcomic after finishing season 2, read the webcomic from Chapter 54. 

However, some fans suggest that you should start reading the manga where season 1 of One Punch Man anime ends because season 2 has trimmed a lot of portions that manga had. 

So, to know more about One Punch Man without missing any primary detail or fun part, it is better to read the manga after finishing season 1 of the anime. 

Or, you can first read the manga for the fantastic experience that Murata Sensei offers you with his incredible art style and then start watching the anime after finishing the manga. 

Which Chapter of the One Punch Man Webcomic Should I Start On After Seeing the Anime?

After finishing the One Punch Man anime, you should start reading the One Punch Man webcomic from chapter 42. Chapter 42 of the webcomic picks off with S class hero (King (ranked 7)) facing off against a reptile monster and then, Dushimof, a machine god created by the Organisation. 

What Should I Watch After Finishing One Punch Man Season 2?

After finishing One Punch Man season 2, you can watch One Punch Man Specials, which occur between or after the seasons. 

Therefore, for something animated, it would be advisable to continue with the second season specials, with the chapter Saitama and Those With Reasonable Abilities. 

However, these specials are mostly filler, which means they contribute little to the general story of the anime and would not resolve cliffhangers. 

So, if you want to resolve cliffhangers of One Punch Man, you must read the manga or webcomic rather than watching the Specials, episodes, or movies because they use manga and webcomics as original source material to make new seasons, movies, or specials of the anime. 


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