What Was L’s Real Name?

L (エル, Eru) is a worldwide-renowned detective that does the challenging task of catching the mass murderer, Kira, in Death Note. L is a very secretive character. It is why not much is known to the viewers about him, especially his real name. So, what was L’s real name?

Several fans are still curious to know L’s real name, and question if he had a real name in Death Note. So, let us discuss L’s full and real name to end the curiosity of Death Note fans and viewers.

What Was L’s Real Name in Death Note?

L’s real name was L Lawliet (エル・ローライト, Eru Rōraito (in Japanese)). The Death Note Character list on Wikipedia and the character page on the Death Note Wikia confirm that L’s full name was L Lawliet (pronounced LOW-light). L is the actual name he used in the series. 

According to L’s Wikipedia page, Tsugumi Ohba, the writer of the Death Note series, wanted to use a single letter with a lot of significance. He considered “I” and “J” but was not satisfied with both letters. After careful consideration, he chose the letter “L” for the character’s name in the series. 

A special edition, Death Note 13: How to Read, reveal that L’s real name is “L Lawliet” and Eru Rõraito in Japanese. 

There is a scene in the movie Death Note 2: The Last Name where the audience can see L’s real name (L Lawliet) written in the Death Note diary.  

L shows his name in the diary to Light and informs him that he wrote it himself to become immune to Rem’s use of the Death Note and trap Light. 

Another piece of evidence that reveals L’s full and real name is the Death Note cards from the guidebook Death Note 13: How to Read. Since the original creators wrote this book, it is considered canon, and these cards come under the suit of the same owners as the anime and manga. 

These Death Note cards mentioned in the book state the characters’ full and real names, and L’s card says “L Lawliet.” So, it is his real and full name in the series. Though the Death Note manga never revealed L’s real name

Who Killed L in Death Note?

L dies of a heart attack. Rem killed off L by writing his name in her notebook and giving him a heart attack. L was about to find out that Light was Kira. 

So Kira planned to kill L with the help of Rem by using Misa to make Rem kill L. Rem killed L because she was in love with Misa and would do anything to protect Misa. 

When L died, he collapsed into Light’s arm, allowing him to see the smug smirk on Light’s face. The smug smirk confirmed that L was right about Light- that Light was, in fact, Kira in Death Note. L’s death left many fans shocked and disheartened. 


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