What City Is Used for Cityscape Shots in the Flash?

The Flash ( released in 2014) is an American superhero television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns. The story takes place in Starling City (a fictional city that appears in DC Comics). 

Although the Starling City shown in the series is Vancouver city, a major city in western Canada, many fans have yet to identify where the cityscape shots took place. 
So, if you are also curious to know the location of the cityscape shots from The Flash series, go nowhere since this article will discuss the city where the cityscape shots took place.

What Is the City Used for the Outdoor Cityscape Shots in Arrow?

The outdoor cityscape shots and the majority of the external locations for the show took place in Portland, Oregon. The Flash’s opening city scene (river running thru the city with several bridges over it) is from Portland, Oregon. That is the Willamette River, Downtown Portland on the left, and SE/NE Portland on the right in the opening city scene.

The scenes shown on the computer screens and city maps in the background are also of downtown Portland. The steel and glass awnings are of Pioneer Square and Pioneer Place in downtown Portland, according to the residents of Portland. 

Although most building interior scenes are “on set” in Vancouver, the cityscape shots are of Portland city, The studio in which CW studios shoot The Flash tv Series is in Vancouver. So, the minor externals and cityscape shots were filmed in Vancouver as well. 

Some residents of Vancouver and fans of The Flash believe that the CW studios filmed some cityscape shots in Vancouver. The cityscape shot shown at 29 to 30 minutes of episode 5 is English Creek, and the mountains in the background are Burnaby Mountain. Both places are in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Later in a scene where Flash carries Beth out of the city by running on water, the bridge under which the Flash was running is the Lion’s Gate Bride, a suspension bridge located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The CW studio usually constructs their cityscapes for their TV shows like The Flash and The Arrow from several stock-footage clips from cities around the globe, including Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Frankfurt (Germany), and Tokyo (Japan).

The helicopter shots shown in the show are from several cities, like Philadelphia, Baltimore, Frankfurt, and Tokyo. Some fans noticed downtown Los Angeles on the map shown on the screen when Flash and his team were trying to track down the bad guy in the Salvation.
There is confusion among Arrow and Flash fans that CW studios use the same sets with some modifications to shoot both superhero television series. Let us discuss it in the next section.

Do “Arrow” and “The Flash” Share Sets?

Yes, Arrow and The Flash tv series share the sets to a certain extent. They are both filmed in Vancouver and share some of the same set and production teams. 

The cafes showed in one of the scenes in Arrow and The Flash look identical, which means the production team used the same set for the Arrow and Flash television series. 

The set used for the apartment of John Diggle (Arrow) is identical to the set used for the apartment of Patty Pivot (The Flash). 

It might be possible due to the same designers and cinematographers used in both television series. According to IMDb crew lists for The Flash and The Arrow, some people have worked for both television series. 

Glen Winter worked in the cinematography team of The Arrow for 32 episodes from 2012 to 2014. He also worked on The Flash‘s cinematography for one episode in 2014. 

Similarly, C. Kim Miles worked in the cinematography team of The Arrow for six episodes from 2013 to 2014. He also worked for The Flash‘s cinematography for 23 episodes from 2013 to 2014. 

So, both the shows shared the sets, resources, and a few members that worked in the production, design, and cinematography team of both tv series.