What Are the Requirements to Enter Prifddinas?

Prifddinas is the capital city of the elven lands of Tirannwn, located in the western region of the world of Gielinor in the popular MMORPG game RuneScape.  

However, gaining access to Prifddinas is not an easy feat, and many players often find it challenging to find the exact requirements to enter the city.

So, fret not because this article will discuss the requirements needed to enter Prifddinas city in the RuneScape game.

What Are the Requirements to Enter Prifddinas In the RuneScape Game?

In the RuneScape game, the only requirement to enter Prifddinas (Elf City) is to complete the quest requirement of finishing Plague’s End. Plague’s End does have the requirements to start and complete it.

These are the quest requirements to enter the Prifddinas (Elf City):

-Making History  

       – The Restless Ghost

       – Priest in Peril 

– Catapult Construction 

– Within the Light 

       – Mourning’s Ends Part II 

             – Mourning’s Ends Part I 

                     – Big Chompy Bird Hunting 

                     – Sheep Herder 

                     – Roving Elves 

                            – Waterfall Quest 

                            – Regicide 

                                   – Underground Pass 

                                           – Biohazard 

                                                 – Plague City

These are the level requirements for Plague’s End:

  • reach level 75 in Construction skills
  • reach level 75 in Dungeoneering skills
  • reach level 75 in Agility skills
  • reach level 75 in Crafting skills
  • reach level 75 in Herblore skills
  • reach level 75 in Mining skills
  • reach level 75 in Prayer skills
  • reach level 75 in Summoning skills
  • reach level 75 in Ranged skills
  • reach level 75 in Woodcutting skills

Along with Plague’s end quest, you must accomplish additional quests such as Within the light, Creating history, and Catapult building quests, as well as attain level 75 in 10 skills.

You also need to reach level 70 in Fletching skills because it is one of the requirements in the Withing the light quest – a pre-requisite for Plague’s End. 

After finishing the Plague’s End along with other quests and reaching level 75 in 10 skills, and level 70 in Fletching skills, you will acquire access to Prifddinas (Elf City) in the RuneScape game. 

Now, you can head to the gates in Tirannwan and enjoy the beautiful city and the game. The players must first enter on foot before using any teleportation methods. 

After entering on foot, you can use Tirannwn lodestone teleport, then run north out of Isafdar forest, across the river, and into the city’s southern entrance.

How Long Does It Take to Unlock Prifddinas In the RuneScape Game?

Ideally, it would take approximately 8 hours for the crystal trees to grow and have no chance of becoming diseased or dying to unlock Prifddinas city in the RuneScape game. You would require approximately two hours or more to complete the Plague’s End quest.

You can also return to the pillar where the lights split (with the fractured crystal) and follow the light east to unlock the Prifddinas (Elf City). As you progress, you may travel far and wide across Gielinor, revising classic quest locations. 

How to Get Access to Prifddinas Osrs?

These are the methods to get access to Prifddinas osrs:

  • Use Teleport crystal or eternal teleport crystal to reach the center of Prifddinas, south of the Tower of Voices.
  • Break a Prifddinas teleport tablet made by using a Scroll of Redirection on a House Teleport tablet.
  • Teleport to the House if your player co-owned a house located in Prifddinas. 
  • Use your Ring of returning (or death) if your spawn point is in Prifddinas. 
  • Spirit tree close to the northern bank.
  • Use Chater ship.
  • Use Iorwerth camp teleport and run southeast through the dense forest.
  • You may utilize the Necklace of passage to Jorral’s outpost and then stroll west over the mountain pass of Arandar.

When was Prifddinas Added to RuneScape?

The city of Prifddinas became accessible to players in July 2019 with the introduction of the Song of the Elves quest. The Prifddinas region is encompassed by walls made from elven crystals.

It is known to be the first RuneScape city ever built before the great God Wars. The elf crystal walls defend Prifddinas city. Apart from this information, the creators of RuneScape have not released any other information regarding Prifddinas.