Was Mother Caramel Eaten by Big Mom, and Does Eating Devil Fruit Users Transfer the Powers?

Charlotte Linlin, aka Big Mom, is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates in One Piece. She is the matriarch of an extensive Charlotte Family, whose many children make up the infrastructure of her crew.

Big Mom’s history is quite intriguing, and some theories suggest that she is a cannibal and might have eaten her Mother Carmel and the other children in the past because they disappeared after her food rampage.

So, this article will discuss if Big Mom has eaten Mother Caramel and does eating Devil Fruit transfer the powers in One Piece

Did Big Mom Eat Mother Caramel?

It might be possible that Big Mom ate Mother Caramel. In the One Piece manga, the Japanese letters shown in the shot of the Island from afar represent the screaming voice. So, she might have eaten Mother Caramel and other children due to her craving for food during her hunger crisis.

So, Big Mom ate everything, including Mother Caramel and the other children, and for this reason, the Giant and the cook were terrified when they saw her eating them. The One Piece manga and anime hinted that Big Mom might have eaten Mother Caramel and other children.

Episode 837 of One Piece anime shows Big Mom was once an innocent kid suffering from eating fits that caused her to go on a food rampage. It shows her eating three semlas after three kids shown in the episode. 

The episode also showed a flashback scene showing Big Mom’s memory of when she was five years old. The scene shows that Big Mom ate everything and everyone around the table, possibly Mother Caramel, the children, and all her friends because they all disappeared after her food rampage. 

Then, the creators hinted that she does not remember what she eat during her hunger crisis because Linlin did not remember eating Mother Caramel and was in denial after the incident because she became emotional about Mother Caramel’s photograph. 

After her food rampage ended, she was seen crying and searching for others and became stressed because she could not find them and did not remember anything about the incident. 

Then, we can see a piece of clothing that Mother Caramel was wearing, which suggests that Big Mom might have eaten her. 

However, manga and anime did not explicitly confirm that Big Mom ate Mother Caramel and other children. So, based on the above hints presented by the creators, we can assume that Big Mom ate them. 

Does Eating Devil Fruit Users Transfer the Powers?

There is no clear answer to the above question. Still, one incident might suggest that eating a devil fruit user does transfer powers that the user had (the fruit power). 

One of the scenes shows Big Mom eating everything and everyone around the table, possibly Mother Caramel, when she was five years old and was on her food rampage because they all disappeared after her food rampage. 

She became capable of using Mother Caramel’s Soru Soru no Mi fruit powers after the above-discussed incident, albeit she could not comprehend how (she could use Soru Soru no Mi fruit’s powers) because she couldn’t recall eating Mother Caramel.

So, a person may get devil fruit powers by eating a devil fruit user. We think that the person must eat the user in whole, not just a limb which the user can live without, or the user’s half body because it will kill the user and help the person to gain the powers of devil fruit. 

Some people assume that you must eat the devil fruit itself to get its powers, but it is not true as long as you eat (or at least a part) of the fruit or its user (the container of the power from the devil fruit), you will get the devil fruit power in One Piece. 

Therefore, when Mother Caramel ate the Soru Soru no Mi fruit, she became the container for the power of the devil fruit, and when Big Mom ate Mother Caramel, she became the new container of the devil fruit and incurred all its capabilities. 

Some believe that when you eat the whole devil fruit user or container of its power quickly before the user dies, the devil fruit power has nowhere to go except into your body as the new host after the death of the old user. 

Do You Have to Eat the Entire Devil Fruit to Gain Its Powers?

No, you must take a single bite of the devil fruit to gain its powers. Devil fruits can also be peeled or cut up before eating. Only one bite is the best way to eat a devil fruit and gain its powers because devil fruit loses its unique properties after you eat its first bite.

Devil fruits are all unique, but one thing they all have in common, they all taste like sh*t. So, after the first bite, it is just a disgusting fruit, and eating the whole fruit is just masochistic. 

Additionally, while it loses its ability to grant powers after the first bite, it does not change in appearance after you eat one bite from it. 

If someone has taken a small bite from the fruit, it will not be immediately visible to others. So, the person will gain power and then sell the rest of the fruit for a massive playoff. 


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