Why Does Drax Call Anulax Batteries As Harbulary Batteries?

Drax calls them Harbulary batteries because he overestimates himself a lot. He overvalues his significant strength and considers himself invisible because he can stand still for a long time. It might be possible that he thinks of himself as more competent than Peter Quill and thinks Quill is a fool who calls Harbulary batteries as Anulax batteries.  

Why Can’t The Amazing Spider Man Shoot Organic Webs?

The Amazing Spider-Man cannot shoot organic webs because the spider bite gave him all the powers of a spider but did not grant him the ability to spin natural webs. In the comics, when Peter is bit by the radioactive spider, he gets all his powers – super-strength, agility, the ability to climb or crawl on any surface, and most famously his spider-sense. But, still, he is unable to produce and shoot organic webs, so he creates his web fluid and mechanical web-shooter to be more like a spider and justify his name.

Faces On The Grandmaster’s Tower In Thor: Ragnarok

The Champions whose faces were displayed on Grandmaster’s Tower were the Hulk, Beta Ray Bill, Man-Thing, Bi-Beast, Dark Crawler, and Ares. They were previous challengers and Champions before the Hulk became the new champion. Though we do not know where they are, here are some details about them (except for The Hulk as you probably know all about our green man!)

Why Is Vision In Avengers So Weak?

Firstly, Vision’s whole body wasn’t just Vibranium. In the movie ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Ultron made it serve as his ‘Organic Body’ with artificial muscles developed by the geneticist Dr. Helen Cho. Therefore, only the outermost layer of Vision’s body was of Vibranium.
Secondly, Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. He carried the Infinity Gauntlet as if it were a hand glove. He also had other infinity stones with him that added to his power.