Order of Ringing the Bells: Bell Puzzle in the Temple of Eothas Demystified

The Temple of Eothas is a ruined temple to the god Eothas, located in Gilded Vale in the Pillars of Eternity game. It can be entered through a trapdoor by the corpse tree. In the Temple Of Eothas, you must solve the bell puzzle and ring the three bells according to their correct order to open the door to the next level.

However, many adventurers stump because they find it perplexing and intriguing to solve the bell puzzle in the Temple of Eothas. 

So, let us discuss the correct order of ringing bells to solve the bell puzzle in the Temple of Eothas

What Is the Order of Ringing the Bells for the Quest Buried Secrets?

The correct order and combination to open the doors for reaching the next level in The Temple of Eothas are as follows:

Ring the tiny bell on the right first, then the large bell in the middle, then the small bell on the left, and lastly, ring the small bell on the right to unlock the door to the next level. 

So, the correct order to ring the three bells is:

  • First, ring the right (small) bell.
  • Secondly, ring the middle (large) bell.
  • Thirdly, ring the left (small) bell.
  • Lastly, ring the right (small) bell.

In the game, you can get one of the clues from a room to the far left and down (bottom of your screen). The room has a small pool and a ghost or ghoul. 

After killing the ghost, you will find a note in a container that will provide a hint written in your quest log when you see the vision in the room with water. If you click the ‘+’ in your quest log, it will say to ring the right bell first and last, and the largest bell must ring second. 

You may not find other hints to get the complete combination, though it will reduce the number of times you must guess the correct combination.

You can, however, open the door to the next level in another way. You can find a key in the same room where you found the clue to solve the bell puzzle in the correct order. The key will allow you to bypass the whole thing. Sometimes, you can find the key in the hidden compartments in one of the rooms, and sometimes you can find the key with 3, 5, or 7 mechanics.

What Is the Bell in the Temple of Eothas?

The bells in the Temple of Eothas describe different gods speaking to a witness. Each bell symbolizes a God. If you solve the puzzle with the clues mentioned in a book in the room with books, you will know that each God is a bell, and each time they speak in the story, you must ring the ring in the bell according to the description.

Once you match the description of the bell sounds to God’s voice’s illustration, you will know the correct order of the bells. Additionally, the last God who speaks in the story is there to confuse the player.

Temple of Eothas, When Is the Best Time to Attempt It?

Depending on the difficulty, a party of 5 is the best time to attempt the Temple of Eothas in the Pillars of Eternity game. To do this, you need the key from rectrix’s office (hidden) to bypass the bell puzzle or complete the puzzle. 

You will also need the key from the flooded mountain area, or you can pick up the lock, and it is usually a good idea to clear the secret exit to pick up the magical hat.

Note that the shadows and phantoms are spirits, not vessels, so Holy Radiance may not affect them. According to the rule, they have high deflection, low fortitude and burn DR, and fair average HP and ACC.

After discussing the correct combination for ringing the three bells to open the door to the next level. Let us discuss some more queries related to the Temple of Eothas. 


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions related to the Temple of Eothas-

On what Level Should I Be to Go to the Temple of Eothas?

Ideally, you should go to the Temple of Eothas after reaching level 3, but if you do not want to reload 20 times, take wizard fighter priest and chanter companions from caed nua (stands at the start of the map) because they are helpful to reach level 3.

Why Am I Having Trouble Finding Secrets?

In the Pillars of Eternity game, you can rely on mechanical abilities rather than perception to locate secrets and traps. If your main character has terrible perception (3), but high mechanical skills (7), it will have no problem finding secrets.

You may need to be in scouting mode and walk near the secret to detect it. If you find the secret, it will turn purple, and your main character will mention spotting something hidden.  

Now, wait around and speed up/slow down the game time to see any effect. You can find it immediately, or you may need to return with a character having better mechanics skills.

Does the Larder Door Work With the Two Weapon Style Talent?

The Shield Talent works as advertised with a Larder door as a shield. It also includes bonus deflection, and it does apply to reflexes. The game does not provide an interface option to tell how fast an attack is. So, you can bypass that through the cunning use of cheat tables in CheatEngine.

The two weapon style talent modifies property called Dual Wield Attack Speed Multiplier. Every character has it at level 1. It increases to 1.2 after taking the talent. Since that is not easy to notice, you can increase it to 20 to see what happens.

A character wielding two normal weapons can attack like crazy, and the character with weapons and a Larder shield does not change its attack speed.

So, Two Weapons Style Talent does not work with the Two Weapon Style Shield. As a bonus, Quality enchantments do not increase the damage Larder door doe.