J.J. LaRoche’s Secret In The Mentalist Revealed!

When robbers break into the house of the CBI Agent J.J. LaRoche, he kills one of them by shooting him. The other one flees with a Tupperware box kept in his safe, leaving a note in its place telling him to drop his current investigation into a security leak at the CBI. When Jane arrives at LaRoche’s house, LaRoche tells him about his missing box, which he had for nine years. LaRoche asks Jane to help him retrieve the Tupperware box soon, lest it brings his fall in the CBI.

In The Mentalist season 3, Patrick Jane threatens J.J. LaRoche that he would expose his secret if he does not give him the suspect list. LaRoche’s secret is something he kept in a Tupperware box in his safe before it got stolen. Later, Jane says, “whatever J.J. LaRoche’s dark secret is, it must be horrible.”

What was J.J. LaRoche’s well-kept dark secret? What was in his Tupperware box?

What Was J.J. LaRoche’s Secret?

J.J. Laroche’s dark secret is the content of his Tupperware box. In his Tupperware box is the tongue of the man who raped his mother for two hours straight, Scott Saynay. 

Why Did LaRoche Cut Out Scott’s Tongue?

LaRoche had a mysterious and fascinating air about him. LaRoche cut out the tongue of his mother’s rapist because not only did the act remind him of his mother but also indicated the depths a man could sink to avenge a loved one. A day before Scott’s trial, LaRoche broke into his apartment. LaRoche cut out Scott’s tongue after injecting him with a sedative while he latter was fast asleep. It is never explicitly stated, but several instances indicate that the Tupperware box had Scott’s cut-out tongue.

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When Jane agreed to help, J.J. thanked him and said that his mother would also thank him. It was because the act was LaRoche’s way of avenging the rape of his mother. When Lisbon visited the house where the man who raped LaRoche’s mom lived, she found out from his mother that somebody broke into his house the day before his court hearing, gave him a sedative, and cut his tongue out. According to Scott’s mother, Judith Sanay, “they never found his tongue.” Viewers find this out in the 21st episode of the 5th season, Red and Itchy.

Executive producer Daniel Cerone, who wrote the episode Red & Itchy, says that while some on The Mentalist’s team were fine to leave the Tupperware’s contents a mystery, he craved resolution. He planted the Tupperware idea to create a way for Jane to blackmail LaRoche in the season finale. LaRoche experienced a tragic loss and avenged it in his way. His secret was indeed related to this profile.

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