Is Tony In Love With Gina In Scarface (1983)?

Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, was the protagonist villain of Scarface (1983) and a man with numerous shades of character. One such intriguing element of his character was his relationship with his sister, Gina. His attitude towards Gina ranged from generous to overprotective to jealous, and just about any imaginable emotion in between. Their odd relationship and the portrayal of strong emotions by Tony when it concerns Gina led many to believe that Tony was in love with his sister. In this article, we will be exploring this idea further.

Was Tony Montana In Love With Her Sister?

It is more than possible that you just finished watching Brian De Palma’s 1983 classic, Scarface, and you cannot help but think about whether Tony Montana was romantically in love with Gina or had incestuous desires for her. It becomes more plausible considering how overprotective (read jealous) Tony gets seeing Gina with other guys, to the point that he even kills his best friend, Manny Ribera, when he sees him with Gina. So did Tony really want his sister? Was he in love with her? Or was he just being an overprotective elder brother?

In Scarface 1932 

If we consider the original Howard Hawks version of Scarface (1932), the sexual overtone in Tony and his sister’s relationship was hinted at but left ambiguous. There are plenty of sexual suggestions, including a strong tinge of incestuous interest by Tony Camonte towards his sister Cesca. Tony was perversely possessive of Cesca and scared her boyfriend off after he caught them kissing. He said, “I don’t want anyone puttin’ their hands on you!“, and even ripped a part of Cesca’s dress violently in his frenzy. But Cesca was too free-spirited to accept being protected by aggressive Tony. She was even well aware that he acted more like a jealous and possessive lover than a brother.

In Scarface 1983

In the 1983 version, several instances suggest that Tony is attracted to his sister, Gina, and has passionate feelings for her. His overprotective feelings are exposed when he stormed into the lavatory where Gina and Fernando were making out. Moreover, he kills his best friend and accomplice, Manny, without letting him talk. Even Gina had a feeling that Tony was sexually attracted towards her as she said (shortly before she got shot by one of Sosa’s men),

“F**k me, Tony! Come on, just f**k me!”

His possessiveness and his need to control Gina might have stemmed from his own desires. He could not stand another man being with her because deep down he wanted her for himself. It is why he did not deny what Gina said just before she died. So Tony might have had an unacknowledged desire for his sister.

Alternatively, it could also be inferred that Tony was not sexually obsessed with Gina. Tony was more in love with the idea of an innocent and pure Gina. He was overprotective of her as an older brother and was obsessed with keeping her pure as everything in his life was steeped in sin. Tony put Gina on a pedestal and could not accept that she could have needs, desires, and interests. Moreover, Tony saw women as objects, and therefore he could not bear seeing his sister with and ending up with guys like himself. So when he catches her doing adult things, like her encounter in the club and having a secret affair with his best friend, he loses his mind as he sees her as the only good thing in his life. 

When Sosa’s men attacked his mansion, Tony regretted killing Manny as he said- “oh f**k Manny, how’d I do that?“. Later, when Gina was shot, he expressed her love for Gina and Manny saying, “I love Manny, and I love you too you know?” This kind of reinforces the fact that Tony did not have an incest obsession with Gina but a brotherly protectiveness for Gina.

Why Did Tony Kill Manny?

Tony Moments Before Killing Manny

Tony was afraid that Gina would end up with a guy like him, Manny. When Tony went to see Gina, he saw them together and assumed that Manny was having an affair with his sister behind his back, and in a fit of outrage, he killed his best friend, Manny. Tony thought Manny was an absolute jerk with women. Throughout Scarface, we saw Manny drooling over women and was not a ‘marriage material’ guy. When Tony saw them together, he was convinced that Manny was corrupting the only pure thing in his world. It might have also come out as a personal insult as Gina was the sister of Manny’s boss. Upon seeing Manny and Gina semi-naked together, Tony experienced a severe rage brought on by a mixture of factors like his inner turmoil, crumbling relationship with his wife, his mother blaming him, and a growing sense of disenfranchisement with his American dream life.

Naturally, all such factors mixed with cocaine accumulated into an unstoppable rage, which caused Tony to shoot his best friend, Manny Ribera. Regrettably, it was not what Tony thought it would be as Gina revealed-:

We got married just yesterday. We were gonna surprise you.

It was then that the realization hit Tony that he had not only killed his best friend but also the man his sister loved. This painful realization and loss of his best friend and his sister’s lover by his own hands accelerated Tony’s downward spiral.

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