Is Ghost Adventures real or fake?

Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, you have to admit that Ghost Adventures is entertaining. Yet, there’s more to this series than just investigating creepy, abandoned areas with extensive paranormal histories. There is a disparate amount of sources on the web claiming that Ghost Adventures is a fake show. So let’s investigate the untold truths behind Zak’s spooky collectible, once and for all.

Ghost Adventures: Fake or Real?

A basic Wikipedia research will inform you that Ghost Adventures has a script written by a crew member. So, is this TV Series real or fake? If this is real, why does it have a script?

To assess it in detail, let us look at the various claims made by people involved with the show-

Aaron Goodwin Interview Exposing the show as Fake

Aaron Goodwin, a crew member of Ghost Adventures, during an interview with Joshua Sweeney on the Are We Alone show, went on an eight-minute tirade about how the Travel Channel had taken everything that was genuinely paranormal about the show and made a mockery of it. They forced the cast to record their own voices in place of real EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) when filming did not yield enough evidence to satisfy producers.

Goodwin provided the discouraging details during the course of the two-hour podcast. He claims that when the Travel Channel forced them to record their own EVPs, they also forced them to go back and film the crew’s reactions so that they would act shocked when hearing things that did not truly happen. To quote annoyed Goodwin, “If we film all night long and come back with uneventful material, they actually make us go back, and act out scenes. It’s sickening really….. we have been committing fraud in my eyes, and I’ve just about had enough.”

Soon after, Travel Channel executive and spokesman Richard Roscolelli said that Goodwin was attacking the show on account of a feud involving other co-stars.

Sources Claiming that the occurrences on Ghost Adventures were genuine

Bishop James Long confirmed that he was neither given a script for the Ghost Adventures nor was he asked to fake evidence. He validated that the events that occurred at Bobby Mackeys actually occurred. Bishop James’ claims could very well be trustworthy as he is known to be vocal against the authenticity of the American Haunting episode he was on.

An article on 12news.comalso claims the occurrences of Ghost Adventures to be real. The author Ozzy Mora talked about the episode that premiered on 14th April 2018 based on the Gila County Jail in Globe, Arizona. Quoting him, 

“I didn’t get coached for this. I didn’t see anyone slamming jail cells, or acting like a ghost did it. I didn’t have to pretend to be shocked when the spirit box said my name. It wasn’t programmed to do that. It was in the moment.”

So, most findings on the show are likely genuine and the script may pertain to the sequences, the explanations in the beginning about why the place is haunted, and the voiceovers. Independent fact-checking reveals that there has never been a case where the team was caught making anything up or faking evidence. In fact, precisely the opposite, they have exposed a few individuals who were inventing tales and fabricating their own proof in an effort to secure their 15 minutes of fame. Every time, Ghost Adventures exposed them. 

However, it is also possible that Zak dramatizes some findings, simply to hook the audience in every way possible. Considering former host Aaron Goodwin, there is a significant amount of exaggeration included, including sending the cast back for more filming to have them act out reactions that never happened. You can read more about Goodwin’s accusations in this Empire Weekly article.

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