How Does Jesse Connect the Dots in S05e11?

At the end of Season 5, Episode 11 of Breaking Bad, Jesse realizes that Hell stole the cigarettes twice and confronts Saul about it. Jesse also realizes that Walt manipulated him into eliminating Gus, which makes sense.

However, how Jesse connected the dots and switched from thinking that Walt orchestrated the cigarettes getting stolen to Walt poisoning Brock made little sense to some viewers.

So, let us discuss how Jesse connected the dots and thought that Walt poisoned Brock in Breaking Bad, S05E11.

How Does Jesse Connect the Dots in Breaking Bad, S05e11?

Jesse connected the dots and concluded that Walter might have poisoned Brock in S05E11 of Breaking Bad because he is much more shrewd than the viewers assume. He figured out that because his eyes have always been open to the degree to which Walt lies and manipulates Jesse about everything, he knows Walt very well. 

While waiting to be picked up by Ed, Jesse went to light a cigarette but could not find it and remembered being patted down by Saul’s bodyguard Huell. He realized that Huell must have pickpocketed his cigarette on Saul’s instruction. He figured out that Saul did not know about the ricin, and the only person who knew about it was Walter.

Jesse realized that Walt did it to make him believe that Gus was behind the poisoning of Brock, and it could force him to team up with Walt against Gus to kill him. 

He also knew that the only person who wanted Gus dead was Walter. So, he did his calculations and realized that Walter could kill Gus only if he had assistance from Jesse, and Brock’s poisoning would infuriate him off limits. 

He also connected the dots: Walt, the ricin cigarette, and Brock and used his vision of hindsight to conclude that Walt got everything he wanted: Gus dead, Mike dead, and, in a few moments, Jesse will be on a one-way road trip to new, anonymous life. 

Jesse also had a gut feeling that Walt poisoned Brock for his benefit to keep Jesse on his side to orchestrate the death of Gus Fring. When Jesse realizes that Walt had Saul have Huell pickpocket the ricin cigarette off him and then poisoned Brock, he goes to Saul’s office and beats him until Saul confesses the truth to Jesse that he asked Huell to pickpocket the cigarette from Jesse because Walt asked him to do so to help and save Jesse.  

Walt did all this planning in season 4. He convinced Jesse that Gus wanted Jesse to think that Walt poisoned Brock but did it himself. Walt understood that if he made Jesse believe that Gus tried to kill Brock could turn Jesse against Gus faster and more effectively. And things went as per Walt’s plan because Jesse accepted that Gus tried to kill Brock, and he acted accordingly by siding with Walt against Gus in Season 4.  

However, the makers already revealed to the audience in the finale of Season 4 that Walt poisoned Brock using a poisonous flower called Lily of the Valley, planted in Walter’s backyard. The season finale also showed Walt staring at the Lily of the Valley flower before Brock got sick. 


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