How Do Xenomorphs See?

How Do Xenomorphs See?

Alien (1979) is one of the best science fiction horror films and ranked #1 alien film by Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is well known for its representation of Xenomorphs, the most lethal alien species ever known to man. The movie is about the crew of the commercial space tug Nostromo accidentally awakening the deadly and invincible Xenomorphs and what ensues after that. 


Xenomorphs are one of the deadliest extraterrestrial endoparasitoid species of aliens, who have multiple lifecycles and belong to Planet Proteus, also called Xenomorph Prime. They require a host organism to reproduce. Their appearance varies from the host they chose to implant their embryo and are capable of wiping off any civilization.


Xenomorphs are considered to be the perfect organisms, but their eyes are not visible, which is a disadvantage for a hostile animal that is an excellent hunter.


So the big question is, where are their eyes, and how do they see? 


How Do Xenomorphs See And Where Are Their Eyes?


It has been a debatable topic among fans since the release of the first Alien film. Some fans believe that Xenomorphs have eyes, which are hidden while others believe that they don’t have eyes and use echolocation like bats and whales to see around their environment. 


So here are guided details given by the creators of the film and some fan theories that might be true. 


According to H. R. Giger, the creator of Xenomorphs demanded in his original design that the creature’s eyes should not be visible to make them more terrifying so that one could not tell if they were looking at them or not.


However, the game Alien VS Predators series implied that Xenomorph could see using its attack tongue, probably to make it easier for game players because players would be frustrated to move Xenomorphs using echolocation.  


Theory 1: Xenomorphs use echolocation: A popular fan theory is that Xenomorphs use the Echolocation technique to locate objects, people, and significantly, hosts around them. 


According to Britannica, echolocation is a physiological process for locating distant or invisible objects (such as prey) using sound waves reflected back to the emitter (such as a bat) by the objects. Echolocation is used for orientation, obstacle avoidance, food procurement, and social interactions. Dolphins and Bats use this technique primarily.


There may also be a possibility that they use Electro-reception, a method used by Sharks to hunt their hidden prey. 


Theory 2: Xenomorphs have eyes in the shells of their heads: A more convincing theory that Xenomorphs have eyes is that they have eyes in the black shells of their heads which cannot be seen by naked human eyes. The material of the shell is similar to a one-sided mirror. The aliens can see outside, but we cannot see inside the shell. Their eyes make them less terrifying, but hidden eyes also make them more mysterious and intimidating because we never know where their eyes are looking. They may be gazing directly at us and maybe napping or resting with eyes open, vigilant for the attack. 


Now let us look at the origin of Xenomorphs


Origin Of Xenomorphs



There is no absolute theory about the origination of the Xenomorphs. However, some theories suggest that Xenomorphs are a natural species created by the Engineers from the black liquid goo to use them as destructive weapons, and then their ship crashed while transporting eggs. 


Another theory claims that David created Queen Xenomorph that lay ovomorph or eggs after experimenting on them to produce his variant of a Xenomorph. Xenomorphs usually originate from an egg-like creature (also known as an ovomorph or simply egg), which invades a human host and releases a small lifeform that resembles anarchy. It launches itself onto the host’s face and impregnates it with an endoparasitoid nymph. Then this parasite consumes human organs from within and destructively comes out of the host’s chest cavity like a worm or the chest buster. It then rushes away to find a safe place to complete its metamorphosis into a complete adult Xenomorph in just a few hours. 


In the movie Alien, when the ship containing Xenomorph eggs met with an accident, then one of the eggs got out and attacked the pilot. 


Let us find out the factors which make Xenomorphs deadly.


What Makes Xenomorph Frightening And Deadly?


One of the most evident reasons behind the Xenomorphs being deadly is their appearance. Their black exoskeleton makes them look like giant reptiles. The fact that they trickle mucus from their jaws and do not have visible eyes makes them more creepy. They are deliberately designed like this to evoke fear and repugnance among the audience. 


The Xenomorphs are deadly because they are like live weapons and are ferocious and fatal in any condition. They have tremendous physical strength and dexterity. Xenomorphs have only two goals: destroying everyone and their race which is a threat to them and reproducing more species like them to develop and create more Xenomorph creatures. Another factor that makes them invincible and dangerous for humans is their acidic blood. The Xenomorph’s acidic blood is a mighty molecular acid. It is a highly corrosive substance capable of burning any human instantly. 


Moreover, they are perfect soldiers because of their skilled hunting and stealth ability. It helps them stay stagnant until a suitable victim comes close to them. Then they go behind them silently to penetrate the victim and invade its body. Their ability to survive even after extreme physical damage also adds to their deadliness.

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