How Can I Deal With the Noxious Bulbs?

The Noxious Bulbs are the flowers grown in the temperate regions of Rivellon in the Divinity: Original Sin 2 game. These bulbs are commonly used for security and are very sturdy flowers that are hard to destroy or uproot and can cause damage to your character. 

Since they are hard to deal with, many gamers may have problems dealing with them. So, let us discuss how to deal with the Noxious bulbs in this article.

How to Deal With the Noxious Bulbs in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

There are a few effective methods that you can try to apply to deal with noxious bulbs. Let us discuss them in detail:

Teleport the noxious bulbs away 

You can use teleport or a character with high telekinesis abilities to use those abilities to displace them from your way and put them somewhere out of your way. 

Or, you can learn teleportation skills to teleport these bulbs away from your path. You can also drag them away from your way, or you may throw the bulbs around the map. 

Disable the bulbs with their elemental damage type

You can disable the noxious bulbs by hitting them with their elemental damage type. You can cause damage directly to the bulbs with their corresponding type to make them disabled. For example, you can target green bulbs with a poison dart to disable these noxious bulbs.

Become Undead

Undead is a hybrid race in Divinity: Original Sin 2. The Undead race is immune to poison and can easily walk through the noxious bulb flowers. So, when your character becomes undead, it can easily walk through the noxious bulbs without incurring damage.

Use a book called Encyclopedia of Flora

The Encyclopedia has a chapter called Ultimate Guide to Noxious Bulbs. This guide mentions that noxious bulbs are susceptible to certain elements. For example, the red noxious fire bulb is susceptible to fire. So, if you use fire on the bulb, its fire will cool down, and you will easily walk across the bulb. 

Use a bedroll to heal 

You can use a bedroll item that is nearby on an overlooked/ruined bridge right before you encounter Dallis. You can one-click out of combat to fully heal yourself or your party. 

So, if you are looking to deal with noxious bulbs, you may use the elements that match the noxious bulb’s color to negate their harmful effects. 

In conclusion, Noxious Bulbs are challenging obstacles in Divinity: Original Sin 2, but you can smoothly deal with them using the right tools, elements, and strategies. Whether you choose to avoid them, use fire or water, equip your characters with poison resistance, or use teleportation, there are many ways to deal with these poisonous plants.