How Are Spells Made Permanent in 5e?

In D&D, Permanency is a universal spell that can make spells permanent in the game. It makes the spells permanent. However, it is not accessible for players in the 5e version of the game.

This article will discuss the process for making spells permanent in 5e version of the game and answer other related queries.

How to Make Spells Permanent in DnD 5e?

There is no permanency in D&D 5e to make spells permanent. You can make it a downtime activity to use the permanency spell. It is similar to crafting a magic item. However, directly importing permanency into 5e could be a problem because permanency has an XP cost, and using XP is an optional rule in D&D 5e. 

Making a spell permanent is similar to crafting a magic item.

So, to make a spell permanent, follow the same steps you would use 

for crafting an enchanted item with a persistent effect, but here you are attaching it to a person, not a place.

You may need these things to make a spell permanent:


  • You must know the spell to make it permanent and spend working on the permanency every day. 
  • You have to burn an appropriate level spell slot to cast the spell.
  • You must be at a location where you can acquire all the extra spell components required to stabilize the spell into a self-sustaining loop.
  • The nature of permanency is delicate because you cannot interrupt while making a spell permanent. You must start over if you miss a day in the first half of the downtime activity.
  • The second day of the downtime activity would not count toward your recovery if you were operating at three levels of exhaustion.
  • The recipient of the permanent spell must be present the entire time during the process of making the spell permanent. They may wander while the spellcaster recovers after making the spell permanent.

Here are the rules you may follow to make a spell permanent. 

Rules to Follow

  • You must follow the rules for crafting a magic item specified on page 128 of the Dungeon’s Master Guide (DMG) by using the Power by Rarity table mentioned on page 285 to determine the efficacious rarity of the spell to make it permanent. 
  • The permanent spell might get torn down with dispel magic. You can treat them as consumable items (half the cost and creation time of a ‘normal’ magic item of that power level).
  • If you want the permanency to be harder, treat them as ‘normal’ cost their rarity level.
  • The D&D 3.5 had a short list of spells that could be made permanent.
  • Making a spell permanent does not take all of your working time. You can spend some (almost half of the working time) time recovering from the physical and spiritual exertion of the spell you made permanent. 

You Can Make These Spells Permanent in D&D:

SpellMinimum Caster LevelXP Cost
Arcane Sight11th1,500 XP
Comprehend languages9th500 XP
Darkvision10th1,000 XP
Detect magic9th500 XP
Read magic9th500 XP
See Invisibility10th 1,000 XP
Tongues11th1,500 XP

However, you may not cast these spells on other creatures. The application of permanency can be dispelled only by a higher-level caster. 

You can use permanency to make the following spells permanent on yourself, other creatures, or objects:

SpellMinimum Caster LevelXP Cost
Enlarge Person9th500 XP
Magic Fang9th500 XP
Magic fang, greater11th1,500 XP
Reduce person9th500 XP
Resistance9th500 XP
Telepathic Bond13th2,500 XP

Would a Permanence Spell in 5E Be Overpowered?

In 5e, a permanence spell would not be overpowered but could violate the game design philosophy. 5e version avoids stacking effects, but if you want a small selection of permanent spells, you can use the Wish spell for creating magical items and granting epic boons. 

Permanency of any kind has long-lasting effects in a society in which it is available, even when it is restricted to affect a limited amount of spells. 

Making any magic or spell permanent in 5e is challenging and only really doable in a few specific circumstances. The 5e version of D&D is mid-level magic because many mid-level magical effects would be overpowered and unbalancing if you make them permanent in D&D 5e. So, the permanence spell in 5e would be overpowered. 

Can Wish Spells Be Permanent?

The 5th level Teleportation Circle and the 6th level Guards and Wards spell can be made permanent by casting them at the exact location every day for one year. Nevertheless, you must cast the same spell every day for 364 times because if you cast a different spell even on the 365th day, the wish spell would not become permanent. 

However, if you cast a wish spell in the exact location every 364 days, you can use it to cast Teleportation Circle or Guards and Wards on the 365th day to attain the permanent effects of those spells. 

It does not matter which spell you wish to cast, as long as you cast some spells each day. You may even use the non-duplicating version of the Wish spell if you want to, and you must have the ability to cast the spell. 

How Can One Create a Permanent Walk-Through Portal to Another Location?

You can use Well of Many Worlds, a wondrous legendary magic item mentioned in the DMG. Its description states- the fine black cloth, soft as silk, folded up to the dimensions of a handkerchief. It unfolds into a circular sheet with a diameter of 6 feet. 

You can use an action to unfold and place the well of many worlds on a solid surface to create a two-way portal to another world or plane of existence. The Game Master decides where the portal will open. 

You can use an action to close an open portal by holding the edges of its clothes and folding them up. After opening and closing the portal, you cannot do it again for 1d8 hours. The portal has no time limit and remains open indefinitely until you fold it.  

However, the well of many worlds can connect different worlds, but not two locations in the same world. As a player, you do not have control of where it goes. Your DM could modify the item to open the portal to a specific location.