Why Does Gus Walk Away From His Car In End Times (S04E12)?

Gus Fring, undoubtedly, is one of the most pragmatic and calculating characters in Breaking Bad managing a dangerous business. There are multiple layers of his personality, each one being uniquely intriguing. Such scenes in Breaking Bad have found fans amazed and wondering. One such scene occurs in S04E12 End Times. At the end of the episode, Gus walks towards his car at the hospital parking lot with his two bodyguards while Walt watches him from an adjacent rooftop. While approaching the car, Gus stops dead in his track with a doomed look on his face. Then he heads over to the railing to look around, apparently unable to find anything out of place. Still, we see him walking away from the rigged car planted with a bomb. 

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Considering that Gus is not someone paranoid or does things over a hunch, how does Gus sense that something was wrong with the car?

Does Gus Know About the Car Bomb? 

No, Gus does not explicitly know and think that his car has a bomb planted in it. Upon learning from Jesse that Brock was poisoned under unidentified circumstances, Gus would have perhaps guessed that some kind of foul play was at work, which ultimately ended up bringing him there.

Jesse: He’s not sick. He was poisoned.

Gus: How did that happen?

Jesse: The doctors, they don’t know.

After Jesse tells him that Brock was poisoned, Gus pauses briefly before replying. Perhaps he was thinking about who did and it, why, and perhaps, even more.

When it comes to Walter hiding, it is clear that he did not suspect a sniper, but he did sense something or someone being there looking at him. We know that Gus is a careful and exceptionally smart man who is always ahead of Walt and everyone else. The entire sequence is perhaps his primary hint that something was wrong with this whole hospital visit. That he sensed a presence and the realization that his car was unattended for a while would have made him suspicious. Therefore, he decided that it was safer to ditch the car.

Giancarlo Esposito, the actor who played Gus, clarified in an interview-

“[Arriving at the hospital] my intention is to get Jesse to come back and cook; I don’t think about the car. But when he comes back [to the garage], he realizes he left no one guarding the car, so all of a sudden he looks at his car a little differently. Folks are like, “Did he see something?” No! Gus listens to his inside gut, and something is just off. He can feel a sense that someone is watching him. There’s no glare off of Walt’s glasses, he doesn’t see a f—ing thing! He just knows that there is some presence there. That’s how good this guy is.”

So in all conclusion, Gus was just smart enough to know that he might be walking into a perfectly laid trap. Sensing it as any smart man would, he walked away.

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