How to Fix Minecraft java.lang.nullpointerexception Group Error?

Minecraft, like any other game, is not immune to bugs and errors. One of the most common errors players encounter in the game is the java.lang.nullpointerexception group error.

While playing the Minecraft game and logging onto a server, if you face 

java.lang.NullPointerException group error, worry not because this article will discuss the effective methods to get rid of this error permanently, and we will also try to figure out the reasons behind this error.

How to Fix the java.lang.nullpointerexception Group Error in Minecraft?

Here are a few simple and effective methods to fix the issue of java.lang.nullpointerexception group error in the Minecraft game:

Update Your Server_java and Minecraft Client to 17w17b

If you are playing newer snapshots, it may have a bug in the 17w14-16. You should update your server_java and Minecraft client to 17w17b (current version). 

The current version 17w17a/b version has new additions like advancements and parrots. If you get the java issue in the 1.11.2 release, report the bug at

Install the Latest Version of Java

You can uninstall all the java versions, then install the latest version of Java. If it does not work, nuke your .minecraft folder (after backing up all saves), and you will get rid of the java.lang.nullpointerexception error.

You can download the latest version of Java from the official website.  You should also ensure the Minecraft launcher (Tlauncher or any other) is completely closed.

Terminate the Broken System Path Variables for Java

The java.lang.nullpointerexception error can be due to a corrupt system path variable for Java. You can fix it by visiting the System Properties screen and modifying the environment variables to remove Java environment variables.

You can do this by:

  1. Press the Win + R key to open the Run dialog box, then type sysdm.cpl in it and press Enter key.
  1. In the System Properties window, switch to the Advanced tab, and select the Environment variables option.
  1. Under the System variables option, choose the path and click the edit button.
  1. Then, find the environment variables for Java, choose them, and delete them. 
  1. Restart your PC, and start playing Minecraft to check if the error persists. If the error persists, contact Mojang, the creator of Minecraft. 

Disable the Firewall, Antivirus, and VPN

If you use Firewall, Antivirus, or VPN while playing Minecraft with others, you can turn them off to fix the Java error. It is easier to disable the firewall than disable the antivirus and VPN. 

So, if the issue gets resolved after disabling the firewall, it is good. Otherwise, we recommend turning off the VPN to fix the java.lang.nullpointerexception group error.

Update Your Minecraft Version

If you are using the outdated version of Minecraft, it is possible to face the java null pointer error while playing the game. We recommend downloading the latest version of Minecraft since it includes the newest fixes.  

Use the CMD Terminal to Reset Winsock to Undo the Winsock Catalog

Step 1: Search for CMD and run it as an administrator.

Step 2: In the CMD bar, type netsh winsock reset and press enter to undo configurations made to the Winsock Catalog in Windows.

Hopefully, the Minecraft java error should now get resolved after following the above steps.

Check Your Game Settings

Sometimes, incorrect game settings can cause the java.lang.nullpointerexception group error. To fix this issue, navigate to the game settings and ensure they are configured in the correct manner.

You can also check your graphics settings, sound settings, and controls to ensure they match your system requirements and make any necessary changes.

Remove Incompatible Mods

If you have installed outdated or incompatible mods with your Minecraft version, they may cause java.lang.nullpointerexception group error. 

To fix the error, identify these mods by uninstalling them one each at a time to find the mod that has caused the error. After recognizing the problematic mod, replace it with a compatible and newer version. 

If none of the above solutions solve the issue, we recommend contacting Minecraft support to resolve the java null pointer issue. They can help you by providing the correct and effective solution. You can also contact Minecraft support via their website or the official Minecraft forums.