English Translation Of The Temple Chants In Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1984)

English Translation Of The Temple Chants In Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1984)

Steven Speilberg’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), an American action-adventure film, is the underrated part of the Indiana Jones franchise. It is the second addition to the franchise and a prequel to the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark. The movie revolves around the undaunting adventures of Dr. Indiana Jones, the resolute professor of archaeology, and his companions when they end up in a small distressed village in India. The villagers believe that evil spirits have taken all their children away after the Sankara Stone, a sacred and precious stone, was stolen. Upon being requested by the despaired villagers, Jones and his comrades advance to find the stone and rescue their children from the prevalent Thuggee cult, which practiced child slavery, black magic, and ritualistic human sacrifice to honor the goddess Kali.


Based on the landscape and culture of India, the film has several non-English speaking characters, and some crucial scenes are full of Hindi dialogues and incomprehensible references. One such scene is the temple sacrifice scene where Mola Ram, the occult priest, prays to Kali Ma and chants in Hindi. If you were ever confused about it, here is a short guide.


Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom “Kali Ma Shakti De” Chants Meaning


Mola Ram prays to Kali Ma in the Temple of Doom heart removal scene to bestow him with spiritual powers. Here is the Hindi to English translation of the human sacrifice scene.


The Boy (to be sacrificed):

“Agar koi hai toh mujhe bachao… Koi Mujhe, koi mujhe bachao.

Om Namah Shivaay. Om Namah Shivaay.”


“If somebody is there, then save me… somebody, somebody save me.

I devote myself to Lord Shiva. I devote myself to Lord Shiva.”


Mola Ram:

“Bali chadhogay! Bali chadhogay!

Bali mangti Kali maa

Mukti degi Kali maa

Kali maa..

Kali maa, shakti de.

Bali chadhaun tere aage.

Sweekar karo.”


“You will be sacrificed! You will be sacrificed!

Mother Kali desires an offering

Mother Kali will bring salvation

Mother Kali…

Mother Kali, give me power.

I offer sacrifice before you.

Please accept my offering.”


Mola Ram removes the boy’s heart and then shows the myogenic contraction of the heart to the crowd. He then says-

“Ab iski jaan meri muthhi mein hai.

Bali chadhado!”


“Now his life is in my hands.

Commence the sacrifice!”


Then the victim is lowered into the lava pit and sacrificed.


Who Is Kali Maa?


In Hinduism, Kali Maa (She Who Is black, She Who Is Death) is the goddess of time, doomsday, and death. She is an embodiment of female power and is a fierce deity. Bali or sacrifice is central to goddess Kali and a variety of edibles are offered to please her. In several cults focused on practicing Tantra, human sacrifice (now punishable by the law) was also a part of ritual worship to appease Kali maa, capsize bad fortune and bring in good fortune. 


Om Namah Shivaay Meaning


Literally meaning “O salutations to the auspicious one, Shiva!”, Om Namah Shivaay is one the most popular Hindu mantras chanted in the adoration of Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism.


Translations Of Other Non-English Lines In Indiana Jones And Temple Of The Doom.


Besides the human sacrifice scene in the temple, there were several other instances where lines from other languages were used. Here are their translations.




*After receiving food*

Indy (Sinhala):

“Isthoothyi, bohoma isthoothyi.” 


“Thank you. Thank you very much.”


*Approaching Pankot Palace (to the elephant guide)*

Indy (Hindi):

“Abhi Roko!” 


“Stop for now!”


The Lashing/Punishment (Hindi)


Mola Ram:

“Maaro, maaro sooar ko. Chamdi nocho pee lo khoon.” 


“Strike, strike the pig! Tear his flesh and drink his blood.”


Bridge Battle


Indy (Mandarin):

“Cháo, chi la tsu sun!” 


“Cháo (Shorty’s real name), hold on! Tell her (Willie)!”


*While hanging from the bridge*

Mola Ram (Hindi):

“Mere sipayos, iski patheerda chalao!” 


“My soldiers, fire arrows at him!”


*Fighting over stones*

Indy (Hindi)

“Tum Shiva me vishwas karte ho!” 


“You believe in Shiva!”


I hope this post helped you in understanding the non-English lines in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.