Do the Griffins Know Stewie Can Talk?

Stewie, the twisted yet brilliant baby of the Griffins in Family Guy, is a well-spoken child, able to speak in an advanced British accent with a vocabulary unintelligible to many. Throughout the series, it appears as if Brian is the one who understands Stewie talking. However, the episode named Yug Ylimaf (E4 S11) shows Chris recognizing Stewie talking. It has raised many questions since, in several other instances, no one acknowledges (not even Chris) Stewie’s lengthy monologues and his conversations with Brian. 

So what is the real deal with this? Do the Griffins know Stewie can talk?

Can the Griffins Understand Stewie?

The Griffins know that Stewie can talk. However, the family seems to understand him on some occasions while not on others. In an interview, Seth MacFarlane clarifies that the family could hear and understand what Stewie says. Since he is just a one-year-old toddler, the family does not pay much seriousness to what Stewie says, assuming he is just being cute. The following analysis will help make the picture clearer to you.

The following analysis of the family members with respect to Stewie’s talking will help make the picture clearer to you.

Chris Griffin

It appears that Chris is able to comprehend Stewie fairly well. Stewie and Chris frequently engage in interactions that lend credence to this argument. It becomes clear in later seasons when Stewie insults Lois and Chris repeats it to Lois, or when Stewie is complaining and Chris asks, “Why do you have to be so negative all the time?”

Meg Griffin:

Meg does not seem to interact with Stewie frequently. At times, like the episode where she was put in charge of watching him, she does not seem to understand what Stewie says. However, on some occasions, it appears that she understands him, as evident from how she reacts to the things he says.

Lois Griffin

Lois seems to understand the basic words Stewie speaks, like the “Mom Mom Mommy Mom Mom Mother” bit, but otherwise, not so much.

Peter Griffin

In an episode, Peter seems to pick up some things Stewie says. In an episode, Stewie says something to Peter (like a bad pun) that upsets him. It is when Peter hits him. Stewie is also seen saying, “I thought you couldn’t understand me”, and Peter says, “I get some things”.

Brian Griffin

Brian understands what Stewie says, and they have vivid, fluent, and frequent conversations. Brian is an exception (in the sense of understanding Stewie) because Seth MacFarlane realized they had great chemistry as characters. Although there have been times when other characters have obviously comprehended him, Brian always understands him, and they frequently have talks together that include musical numbers, quarrels, and terrible counsel. 

According to MacFarlane, Brian always hears Stewie, and in the later episodes, so does Chris, but the writers strive for Lois, Peter, and Meg not to hear him. Moreover, it could change from episode to episode as the rules could be broken for the sake of comedy.

Stewie in “McStroke” is also understandable to strangers like Jillian and Connie DiMico. Even Lauren Conrad can comprehend him.

Why Does Brian Never Translate What Stewie Says?

Brian does not translate what Stewie says though he fully understands him. It is because either they would not believe him, or doing so might change his relationship with them and Stewie. It appears more like the writer’s choice to make the show more interesting.

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