How Did Dumbledore Block Avada Kedavra To Save Harry?

When Voldemort fired the Killing Curse at Harry, Dumbledore simply utilized his magical capabilities to place physical barriers in its path. Dumbledore made the statues in the Ministry come to life to take the hit for him, thereby blocking the curse for Harry. He did not use any counter-curse or counter-jinx directly on the Avada Kedavra spell as it could not be blocked directly using a counter curse.  

Why Did Narcissa Lie To Voldemort About Harry’s Death?

While Narcissa was technically a villain, she was still a mother, and motherly love prevailed once again over everything else. Narcissa loved Draco more than she cared about Voldemort and his victory. She knew that letting Voldemort think Harry was dead and march triumphantly into Hogwarts was the only shot she had at finding her son. And at that point, that was the only thing that mattered to her.

Why Did Lord Cutler Beckett Not Give The Order To Attack?

Lord Cutler Beckett could not give the orders to attack because he was paralyzed with a mixture of fear, shock, and doubt upon seeing all his enemies together at once. When both the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman rounded up on Beckett, he knew that he had been outthought. He never envisioned his defeat and was stunned when faced with it. 

Why Can’t The Amazing Spider Man Shoot Organic Webs?

The Amazing Spider-Man cannot shoot organic webs because the spider bite gave him all the powers of a spider but did not grant him the ability to spin natural webs. In the comics, when Peter is bit by the radioactive spider, he gets all his powers – super-strength, agility, the ability to climb or crawl on any surface, and most famously his spider-sense. But, still, he is unable to produce and shoot organic webs, so he creates his web fluid and mechanical web-shooter to be more like a spider and justify his name.

Why Did Frodo Leave On The Boat Along With The Others?

Frodo left for Valinor to find healing and peace of mind, which he could not find in Middle-Earth. He lived among the Elves there until he died. Because of the Quest, Frodo was wounded, not just physically but also spiritually. Frodo had been badly hurt in the War of the Ring and paid a price higher than any other survivor. Frodo was stabbed with a magical Morgul blade by the Witch King of Angmar, who was partly in the shadow world. It not only killed him very nearly, but it also left physical and psychic wounds that never really healed. He was also poisoned by the giant, malevolent spider, Shelob. But the burden of carrying the One Ring all the way to Mordor and the fires of Mount Doom harmed him even more profoundly as no mortal was ever intended to carry such a weight. It was one of the greatest burdens anyone had to bear, and the journey drained the life out of him. What must have been indescribably horrid was the constant struggle between his good intentions and the sweet secret whisperings of the Ring. 

What Did Charlie’s Aunt Do To Him In The Perks of Being a Wallflower?

Charlie’s aunt Helen took advantage of her position as an aunt and a nanny and abused him sexually. It was implied by how Charlie had flashbacks of her rubbing his leg when Sam tried to initiate sexual contact with him before leaving for her summer pre-college program. The sexual contact dredged up a repressed memory of his Aunt Helen molesting him as a child.

“Sometimes You Eat The Bar, And Sometimes The Bar Eats You” Meaning In The Big Lebowski (1998)

The phrase generally means that sometimes you conquer the hardships in life (you eat the bear), and other times, the obstacles in life defeat you (the bear eats you). You win some; you lose some. In life, there are good days and bad. The quote here seems to present the essence of life, and the bear symbolizes the hardships and difficulties which are an indispensable part of life. It just happens that sometimes one overcomes hardships and emerges victorious, and other times, one succumbs to them despite the efforts.