Can You Restart a Quest From the Beginning in the Elder Scrolls v Skyrim?

Can you restart a quest from the beginning? It is always the question among the players who want to start their mission all over again to rectify past mistakes and play the game with a fresh start. 

So, if you also get stuck while playing the Elder Scrolls v Skyrim game and are looking for methods to restart a quest from the beginning, go nowhere because this article will help you to make a fresh start.

Can You Restart a Quest From the Beginning?

If you are playing the game on a PC and do not want to reload an old save (usually the safest option), you can use this console command to restart the quest: resetquest <questid>.

Open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key, enter the resetquest <questid> command with the relevant quest ID, and the quest will get reset, allowing you to restart any quest from the beginning.

However, you must know and enter the exact quest ID. You can get the quest ID by opening the console and inputting “ShowQuestTarget” to see the ID of the quest you are on. 

Another and safest method to restart a quest from the beginning is to reload the previous save. It is safest because anything you do to reset a quest without loading a save might have undesirable consequences later in the game.

The third method to restart the quest in the Elder Scrolls v Skyrim game is by using the console and then requesting the quest stage to 0 by typing the resetquest command. After typing the resetquest command, you must input the mission ID of the mission you are trying to reset.

You can also type setstage quest-id stage-value in the console to restart a quest from the beginning.

After trying the above methods, you can start the quest from the beginning if you have missed something, got stuck, or want to complete the quest in a different manner.

Note: keep in mind that resetting a quest will erase any progress you’ve made on it so far, including any items you’ve collected or enemies you’ve defeated. If you’re unsure whether you want to reset a quest or not, it’s a good idea to save your game first so you can always go back to your previous progress if needed.

Let us now discuss some more queries related to Skyrim and its quests.


How Do I Start the ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ Quest?

The Diplomatic Immunity quest is a part of the Main Quest Line. So, you must first complete the main quest line. After completing the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, talk to Delphine in Riverwood, and say you want an attic room.

Now, go to the room and wait for her to come and talk with you, and a quest should start. After completing “A blade in the Dark, the Dark Immunity quest will start.

Is There Any Way to Restart the Diplomatic Immunity Quest?

There is no way to restart the Diplomatic Immunity quest. Though, there are a few options available:

  • Load earlier save, then give the guy the appropriate gear.
  • Sneak around in the mansion to get some gear.
  • Lower the game difficulty to finish the quest.