Bag of Holding 5E Cost

A bag of holding is a small sack that acts as an opening to an extradimensional space in D&D 5e. The space inside the bag can easily hold large quantities of materials without increasing weight.

While playing the game, you might stumble upon a magic shop and want to buy a Bag of Holding, but you might not have found its cost in the DMG, PHB, and HotDQ (Hoard of the Dragon Queen) because there are confusing and endless tables in these guides.

This article will inform you how much a Bag of Holding costs and explain why the D&D rulebooks do not include that information.

What Is a Bag of Holding in D&D?

A bag of holding in the D&D first appears to be a typical bag, but it can hold more than you may expect and is used to transport the objects. Its weight remains the same no matter how heavy items you put into it. The interior space of this bag is considerably larger than your imagination. It is 2 feet in diameter at the opening and is 4 feet deep, and it could hold up to 500 (227 kg) pounds of weight that could not exceed the volume of 64 cubic feet (1812 l), and it will always weigh 15 pounds, regardless of its inner contents. 

Creatures that go inside the bag could survive for a few minutes on the breathing air present inside the bag of holding. They can sustain for up to 10 minutes, after which they may die due to suffocation. If somehow, the bag gets overloaded, pierced, ruptured, or destroyed, its inner contents would scatter in the Astral Plane, a barren place with only rare bits of solid matter. It is a plane of thought, memory, and psychic energy, where the gods go when they die or lapse into oblivion.

Now you are familiar with the bag of holding. Let us find out how much it costs and why D&D rulebooks do not include it.

What Is the Cost of a Bag of Holding D&D?

Although the cost of a Bag of Holding suggested by the DMG (Dungeon Master Guide) is 101 to 500gp, it depends on you and your DM’s discretion in the game.

According to the post of ‘Sane Magic Item Price‘, a bag of holding should cost around 4,000gp, which hugely deviates from the 101-500gp suggested in the DMG. The cost of the holding bag varies depending on its type, weight, limit, and volume. According to a table from Open Game License version 1.0a, its price ranges from 2500gp to 10,000gp.

Bag TypeBag WeightWeight limit of the ContentsVolume Limit of ContentsMarket Price
Type I15 lb250 lb30 cubics. feet2,500 gp
Type II25 lb500 lb70 cubics. feet5,000 gp
Type III35 lb1000 lb150 cubics. feet7,400 gp
Type IV60 lb1500 lb250 cubics. feet10,000 gp

How Useful Is a Bag of Holding?

A bag of holding is a handy magic item used to hold many objects or creatures to teleport or transport them without increasing the predefined weight of the bag. Here are some of the fantastic uses provided by the bag of holding: 

Reaching Places: You can get into the bag of holding to fly anywhere and even past the traps.

Become Invisible: Using the invisibility spell, you can become and turn carried equipment invisible. You can smuggle many creatures by combining the Bag of Holding with Invisibility since the items within would not be visible because they are in an extradimensional space.

Teleportation: The extra dimensionality of the bag of holding aids you in using the teleportation skills. You can hop your party members in the bag to teleport them to other places or past the obstacles.

Hiding: You can discover good places for hiding yourself using the bag of holding and Invisibility spell together.

Nondetection: Since the contents of the bag of holding do not belong to this plane, they cannot be targeted and detected by spells such as Locate Object. So, all the discussions held within it are safe against Scrying (peeping).


Are There Requirements for Crafting Magic Items?

Officially, there are two optional rulesets for crafting magic items and may require consulting your DM to see if they are allowed and how they work in the game. The two rulesets are:

The first optional rules are mentioned in the DMG (Dungeon Master’s Guide) in chapter 6, under the “Downtime Activities” section, which states that:

Crafting Magic Item: Magic items are the purview of a DM, and you can decide how they fell into the possession of a party. As an option, you can allow player characters to craft magic items. 

Here are the following requirements for following these rules:

  • You will require a formula that describes the process of crafting magic items.
  • Your character must be a spell caster with spell slots with an ability to cast any spell that the item can produce (and expands the relevant spell cost each day during crafting).
  • Your character should meet a minimum level criteria determined by the rarity of the magic item.
  • You will need gold and time costs to craft the item during downtime.
Rarity CostMinmum Level
Common100 gp3
Uncommon500 gp3
Rare5,000 gp6
Very Rare50,000 gp11
Legendary5,00,000 gp17

Another alternative ruleset is a part of an optional variant to downtime that appears in the (XGtE) Xanathar’s Guide to Everything under the “Downtime Revisited” section of chapter 2:

Crafting Magic Item: To create a magic item, you need more than just time, effort, and materials. It is a time-taking process that involves one or more than one adventure to track down rare materials for creating magic items. 

Here are the following requirements for following these rules:

  • You will require a formula that describes the process of crafting magic items.
  • You need exotic materials to complete the crafting process. It may be anything from the skin of a yeti to the vial of water collected from a whirlpool on the Water Elemental Plane.
  • Requirement of appropriate tool proficiency for crafting non-magical objects, or proficiency in the Arcane skill
  • You will need gold and time costs to craft the item during downtime.
Rarity Challenge RatingTimeCost
Common1-31 workweek50 gp
Uncommon4-82 workweeks200 gp
Rare9-1210 workweeks2,000 gp
Very Rare13-1825 workweeks20,000 gp
Legendary19+50 workweeks1,00,000 gp

What Would Be the Price of Adamantine Plate Armor?

The D&D guidebooks do not specify the cost of rare magic items like the Adamantine Plate Armor. However, DMG page 135 states that the price range for uncommon category items would be 101 to 500 gp. Adamantine armor is a sort of Medium or Heavy Armor similar to a Plate Armor (sort of a Heavy Armor) and costs 1500 gp (according to PHB, page 145). 

The range of 101-500 gp was for reinforcement magic items and not for the armor, so the cost of an Adamantine Plate Armor could be 2000 gp because the Sane Magic Prices guide lists the price of Adamantine Armor as 500 gp and mentions that weapons or items add the cost of the base weapon (the cost of Adamantine Armor adds to the cost of Adamantine Plate Armor) increasing their price. 

How Can Market Price of Magic Items Be Calculated From Crafting Price?

Using the crafting rules, you can determine the market price of magic items from their crafting price. It allows you to spend 1/2 base price in materials and 1/25 of the base price in XP. So, you can determine the base price from the crafting prices by multiplying the crafting material cost by 2 or the XP cost by 25 because usually, the base price is the market price of the magic items. 

What Happens if You Put a Bag of Holding in a Bag of Holding 5E?

According to the description written on the DMG, pages 152-153, Placing a bag of holding inside an extradimensional space created by another bag of holding would destroy both the magic items and also open the gate to the Astral Plane. Any creature or object placed within 10 feet of the gate will get transported to a random location on the Astral Plane before the gate gets shut. You cannot reopen it once it gets close because it is a one-way gate.


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