Are Po And Tigress In Love?

Are Po And Tigress In Love?

Po: “The hardcore do not understand.”

Tigress: “The hardcore do understand.”


Is There Any Romantic Angle Suggested Between Po And The Tigress?


Even though the movie did not directly showcase any romantic angle between the Tigress and Po, some scenes made the viewers contemplate their relationship. On the surface, Po and Tigress are poles apart and might not seem to be compatible with each other. Po is a goofy, fun, and cheerful Panda. On the other hand, the Tigress is someone who is reserved, hardened, and who usually distances herself from others. 

So if they are so opposite to each other, how can they be in love with each other? Well, let us find out how their relationship bloomed.

One reason for them to like each other is the similarity in their backstories. Both of them were orphans, adopted by father figures, who shaped their life. Being orphans, not only did they empathize with each other but also helped each other identify and overcome their flaws. So here are some occurrences hinting towards a probable love interest between the two-


  • Po was in awe when he watched the Tigress do Kung Fu, and eventually, he fell in love with it (and perhaps them).
  • The Tigress unintentionally started liking Po disguised as a midnight stranger until she got to know his real identity.
  • A major hint of their relationship was visible in the final battle scene at the harbor. The Tigress pushed Po aside to save him from the cannon blast and took the shot on herself. Unconscious, she drifted away in the water. Po immediately swam across to look if she was alive. Then he furiously defeated Shen and claimed victory in Gongmen City. After beating Shen, she valued Po’s heroism. She did not retreat even when Po embraced her. It was all a manifestation of their affection for each other.


​​Does Po Love The Tigress?



If we go by fan theories and some scenes portraying the chemistry between Po and the Tigress, it seems that Po is in love with the Tigress. Let us look at it in some detail.

Po had a crush on the Tigress since the first time he saw her in the training hall. Lost staring at her, he got hit on his head and exclaimed- “holy crap, she looks beautiful.” The most evident proof was when she got shot from a canon, Po swam across to make sure she was alive. When he saw her wounds, he furiously glared at Shen and defeated him in revenge. Also, when the Tigress visited Po’s village, he stayed by her side at all times so that she did not feel like an outsider. Our very own goofy Panda also tried to act tough and cool to impress his crush, the Tigress. These scenes give us an idea of Po’s feelings for her. But was there a fire on both sides? Does the Tigress also love Po? 


Does The Tigress Have Feelings For Po?


Tigress also had feelings for Po. In the jail scene, she got mad at Po because he let Shen go away, risking his life. She did not want him to get hurt, and it was because she had feelings for him. When Po got shot, she yelled “NOOOOOOOO!!!” in shock while trying to save him. Assuming that Po died, the seemingly tough Tigress even cried out of her compassion for him. As mentioned before, the Tigress took the cannon blast on herself to save Po. It would have probably never happened if it were not for Po. Another emotional moment was their hug in the Gongmen Jail.

When Po ignored her warning to stay in the Gongmen Jail saying, “The hardcore does not understand“, the Tigress hugged him and replied, “The hardcore do understand“. These instances reveal her love and adoration for Po.




Can Po Marry The Tigress?


Yes, of course, Po can marry the Tigress. Po and the Tigress would make the best couple, the most prominent reason being the Sacred Onyx Council’s rules which applied to the Dragon Warrior. According to the rules, if Po marries any civilian and started married life, he would have to relinquish his Dragon Warrior duties. It would make him and his family vulnerable and easy targets for his opponents. But if Po marries the Tigress, then that rule could be overturned, as she is a warrior and can protect herself without letting Po choose between his wife and duties. Moreover, both of them cared for each other and would do anything for the sake of the other. Not only did they back up and save each other countless times, but they also treasured each other’s company. 


So Po and the Tigress would be a great match for each other. However, it depends on them whether they want to stay friends or move forward with their relationship.




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