All The Warhammer Titans Explained.

The Warhammer Titan is one of 9 Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan, and there have been several iterations of it throughout the series. In Attack on Titan manga, there are more Warhammer Titans than in the anime, which has only had 2 Warhammer Titans -Lara Tybur and Eren Yeager. The manga displays Warhammer Titans of the past, some of which have intriguing configurations. So in this article, I will walk you through the backstory of all the Warhammer Titans ranging from 2000 years ago till the present day of the series. 

What Is A Warhammer Titan?

Warhammer Titan is the newest Titan shifter, first referenced in the second episode of the final season of Attack on Titan anime. Its strength lies in the fact that it can use a special type of hardening to create a variety of weapons. The weapons manifest inside its hands as we saw how it conjured up a hammer literally out of thin air. Its flesh is covered in a white shell made from Titan hardening. 

The Warhammer Titan hardening is special because it has a degree of flexibility and is different from normal Titan hardening. So the Warhammer has the advantage of making flexible long-range weapons like whips or crossbows. The Warhammer Titan can also cause structures to shoot out of the ground and conjure spikes out of their own body.

The user of a Titan shifter can be found in the back of the Titan’s neck, but the case is different when it comes to the Warhammer Titan. The user of a Warhammer Titan can choose to encase themselves in a crystal and remotely control the Titan while inside it. There is a cable that connects the body of the Warhammer Titan to the person in the crystal. The downside is that if this cable gets cut, the Warhammer immediately loses connection and becomes lifeless. The user could still make a new cable from within the crystal, creating a new Warhammer Titan. However, while the cable is vulnerable, the crystal itself is virtually impossible to break into, protecting the user.

Warhammer Titan’s major weakness is that if it creates too many structures in a short period, it will use up all its stamina and be unable to make anything else. We see this play out during the Titan’s first appearance in the series. During its first fight, the Warhammer made a ton of weapons only for it to run out of energy soon. Moreover, its special hardening is not indestructible and can be broken by other Titan shifters.

The Warhammer Titan is known to be possessed by a member of the Tybur family. 

What Are All the Warhammer Titans?

Lara Tybur

The first Warhammer titan on this list is Lara Tybur, who was a member of the prestigious Tybur family. For at least a few hundred years, the Tybur family had exclusive possession of the Warhammer Titan, with Lara being the final one of them to have it. 

Lara’s Warhammer titan had a thin shell of hardening covering its body, but its eyes and mouth were visible, thanks to the striped design in those areas. The Tybur’s never used their Titan against an enemy nation, meaning that Lara’s battle with Eren was the first-ever real fight she had using her Warhammer Titan. That Lara could create several weapons, including a Warhammer Titan crossbow, makes it even more impressive.

Eren Yeager

The next Warhammer titan on this list is none other than Eren Yeager, who mercilessly stole the power after using Porco as a nutcracker Titan. Unlike his predecessor, Eren does not come from a noble bloodline and was just a kid born within the walls on Paradis Island. When he was 10 years old, the warriors of Marley launched their assault on Paradis by destroying wall Maria, with Eren’s mother being eaten in the process. On that same day, Eren’s father Grisha used the power of his Attack Titan to steal the founding Titan from the royal family. With the power of two Titans, Grisha then gave these abilities to his son, with Eren not realizing he was a Titan Shifter until years later. 

At 19 years old, Eren infiltrated Marley by himself, going undercover as a wounded soldier. His primary goal was to collect his half-brother Zeke and bring him back to Paradis island, but along the way, he would do to Marley what was done to his homeland as a child. Eren would kill Willy Tybur, Marleyean military generals, world leaders, innocent citizens of Liberio, and Lara Tybur. Eren used the biting strength of Porco’s Jaw Titan to crush the crystal that Lara Tybur was in. It was a smart move as only the jaw could break the crystallization. He then drank the contents of her spine and inherited the Warhammer Titan. Eren’s Warhammer Titan looks exactly the same as his regular Titan form as he seemingly chose not to use his new power to create a white shell around his skin.

Robocop Warhammer Titan

The Robocop Warhammer Titan has the sturdiest looking helmet of all the Warhammer Titans out there. Its mouth is completely uncovered, which is a feature that we do not normally see with this specific Titan. It has three horizontal slits around the eye area, but beyond that, the rest of his body is quite standard. 

We first saw this Titan when it manifested a bow and arrow and during that same bow and arrow scene with a bunch of other Warhammer Titans with unique designs. The Robocop Warhammer Titan had flowing hair  coming out the back, which is not something you typically see from a Warhammer Titan.

Having talked about the most significant Warhammer Titans, let us have a brief look at the other Warhammer Titans.

  • Blonde Warhammer Titan
  • Eye Warhammer Titan: This Warhammer has the weirdest design seen so far with its whole face covered with the kind of armor, which makes it almost impossible to kill. It was also shown to manifest a bow and arrow.
  • Chainmail Warhammer Titan and Executioner Warhammer Titan
  • Scythe Warhammer Titan

There are yet some others not significant enough to be mentioned.

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